A new Whitney Houston documentary will be released this summer. Director Kevin Macdonald's version has been approved by the late singer's estate.

The documentary will center on Houston's legacy, her never-before-seen performances, original studio recordings, home recordings, and more. Prior to its release, Macdonald released a statement about the Whitney documentary.

"I approached Whitney's life like a mystery story; why did someone with so much raw talent and beauty self-destruct so publicly and painfully? I was lucky enough to have the support of Pat Houston and the Whitney Houston estate in this quest. They entrusted me with the 'keys to the vault' while giving me complete freedom to follow the story wherever it went. At heart, Whitney is an intimate family story that reveals a new side to a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew," said Macdonald.

Nick Broomfield's 2017 Documentary

Following Houston's death on Feb. 11, 2012, documentarian Nick Broomfield released Whitney: Can I Be Me for Showtime. The documentary focused on the downfall of the singer's career, but it was denounced by Houston's estate.

Broomfield explained last year that he fell in love with Houston's story, that is why he decided to create a documentary about her. He said that he did not want the project to focus on how Houston's estate tried to stop him from releasing the documentary.

Whitney Houston's Cause Of Death

Houston's death made headlines not only because she was one of the most popular singers of her time, but also because of the what the coroners found in her home during their investigation.

The investigation revealed that there was a small spoon filled with a white crystal-like substance inside her bathroom. An expert said that a spoon is typically used for cocaine administration.Toxicology reports also confirmed that there were traces of cocaine and prescription medication in Houston's system.

Reports also stated that Houston's driver's license has been removed from her wallet. Several other prescription medication bottles had also been removed and thrown out before the investigators got to Houston's hotel.

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Death

Years after Houston's demise, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away on July 26, 2015. Her then-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was accused of physically abusing her.

Brown's friend, Alex Reid, said that Houston's daughter felt isolated from the world months before her death.

"She was sobbing. Nick had hit her and she was scared. She was very upset. She didn't know what to do. It was as if she didn't have anyone else to turn to. It was heartbreaking," said Reid.