January 23, 2019 / 8:26 PM

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Chris Brown Accused Of Rape, Hiding Guns From Police



An unidentified woman is suing Grammy-winning R&B singer Chris Brown and two others for sexual assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

What Happened

In court documents obtained by the press, recounts that the alleged victim met the artist's friend, a man named Lowell Grissom Jr., back in February 2017 at a nightclub in Los Angeles. The encounter led the woman and another friend to Brown's home where they were provided cocaine, marijuana, and the MDMA Molly. The document also claims that Brown, Grissom, and another friend keep multiple guns in the house. 

Brown also took the women's phones upon entering the property. 

As the night progressed, the party moved into one of the bedrooms inside the house where Brown played pornography on the television to create a "hypersexualized" environment. The 29-year-old then took his clothes off and started performing sexual acts with the women in the room. 

Grissom allegedly pushed a couch to block the doorway and prevented anyone from getting out. 

[Warning: vivid descriptions of rape and assault from here onward.]

The woman further claims that she and her companion did not want to partake in the orgy and have expressed their desire to leave. However, they were barred from exiting the room. 

The plaintiff also described an instance when another woman grabbed her by the throat, sat on top of her face, and forced her to perform oral sex. She added that her assaulter was menstruating that night and she was covered in blood. 

Grissom also forced her to perform oral sex on him and molested her multiple times. The unnamed victim also says that he raped her repeatedly. 

Meanwhile, while the sex party was in full swing, the woman's worried mother used a software to track her daughter's whereabouts. The mother phoned the police, but Brown denied them entry into the house. He and his friends also hid the firearms and drugs that were in the vicinity. 

As soon as she was able to get free, the alleged victim says she went straight to a rape treatment center and reported the assault to the police. 

The woman is being represented by Gloria Allred who, in a press conference on Wednesday, May 9, said that the victim filed a lawsuit to demand justice and prevent other women from ending up in the same situation. 

Allred is a "feminist lawyer" who famously fights for women in court who have experienced discrimination because of their gender, sexuality, race, religion, or physical abilities. More recently, she represented Judy Huth, a woman who claims she was raped by Bill Cosby when she was 15. 

In the past, she has also gone after OJ Simpson, Eddie Murphy, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, and Donald J. Trump. 

USA Today reveals that the Los Angeles Police Department says that there currently is no open investigation against Brown. 

False Rape Accusation

However, in an interview with TMZ, Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, told TMZ that he knows what exactly happened that night in the singer's Los Angeles home. Geragos claims that he let Allred know that the lawsuit was nothing but a shameless money grab. 

"I say that, if any of that were true, it would've been criminally investigated. Obviously, it was and it was rejected," he explained. "The fact that they made a demand for $17 million and I told them to go pound sand probably explains why they did the press conference [on Wednesday]."

He insists that Brown, who has been involved in a few battery cases over the years, was innocent. 

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