Blake Shelton took a bit of a tumble onstage at the 2018 Pendleton Whisky Music Fest on Saturday, July 14. 

Blake Shelton Falls, Blames Pitbull

The The Voice coach was performing a headlining when he hit something and fell. He was able to stand back up again, but not before fans were able to take a video of his minor fall. 

On Twitter, he admitted that he had a bit of drink before he hopped onstage; after all, the show was hosted by a known whiskey brand. However, Pitbull, who performed a set before Shelton, might have something to do with the fall. 

The tweets were, of course, teasing. The two performers seemed to have bonded backstage before they played their respective sets. 

Pitbull even posted a photo of himself smiling alongside the "I Lived It" singer on Twitter. Shelton noticeably had a red cup in hand. 

However, not everyone was amused. A Twitter user responded to Shelton's tweets and accused the country singer of putting on a bad show. The fan argued that he should not have arrived drunk to a concert that people paid for. The fan also compared the award-winning singer-songwriter to Justin Bieber who, in 2015, was seen drinking a bottle of Hennessy and smoking weed onstage. 

To that, the 42-year-old responded that his account was made for the fans who have a sense of humor. After all, neither drinking nor falling onstage made the show anything less than fantastic. 

2018 Pendleton Whisky Music Fest 

The 2018 Pendleton Whiskey Music Fest took place on Saturday, July 14. Shelton and Pitbull were the headliners of the music event. DJ Sovern-T, Britnee Kellogg, and Filmore also performed. 

An estimated 18,500 people attended the music fest — the largest crowd in its history, reported the East Oregonian. 

Watch Shelton fall onstage below.