LeAnn Rimes is not exempted from experiencing the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rimes recently sat down for a new interview on The Verywell Mind podcast with Amy Morin where she got personal as she recalled the struggles she underwent.

The 38-year-old revealed that the pandemic extremely affected his mental health, leading her to a darker time.

"I don't think I've ever been off the road for 16 months like this at one point for a solid period of time. I went back out to do my first show recently in front of thousands of people. I was so triggered," she detailed.

Rimes added that she saw the experience as something so intense that he compared it to riding a bike.

After isolating herself for over a year, she realized how unhealthy some of her thoughts had become. She added that the experience of her mental health issues during a pandemic was not the normal one she ever wanted to have.

Although Rimes saw everything as scary, she, fortunately, recalibrated in a lot of ways.

The singer confessed to suffering from heavy depression. Despite how negative it had been for her, she reportedly tried to look at it from a different perspective and found out how therapy could help her out.

"It's not about an end game," she went on, as quoted by Fox News. "It's like, this is the human journey."

LeAnn Rimes Finally Returns To Stage

In the same appearance, Rimes reflected on the shocking moment to return to the stage after isolating herself at home.

As someone with a mental health issue, she reportedly viewed walking out of her home's door as something that could lead to her death. Still, she braved it all and chose to return despite the ongoing pandemic.

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At the same time, she left the listeners a piece of advice to share what they think and feel to help themselves cope with the recent global issues.

It was another time she ever spoke about depression and anxiety. In 2020, she revealed during PEOPLE's Let's Talk About It mental health initiative that she finally found peace after facing her pain.

Per Rimes, it is important to people like her not to be ashamed to let it all out.

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