People are calling out and canceling Demi Lovato for hitting the stage in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Disney Channel star posted a viral picture of a packed crowd at Lollapalooza on their Instagram page back on Aug. 2, captioning the pic, "C'Mon Y'all! Good morning from Lollapalooza. Yes this pic is real."

"There is a pandemic happening," they added.

The Chicago event, which took place for four days, had over 100,000 people. However, the festival required attendees to prove they were vaccinated or provide a negative test result to attend the event.

The event ran from Jul. 29 up to Aug. 1 at Grant Park.

However, the "Don't Forget" hitmaker is getting slammed for appearing on stage and performing with All Time Low to perform their collab song, "Monsters."

They reportedly wrote on a now-deleted Instagram Story, "Y'all were so fun!!! Thanks for having me @alltimelow."

All Time Low also tweeted on Aug. 8, "9000 beautiful faces in Anaheim last night, thank you @ddlovato and @HBARONGRACIE for joining us!"

While fans were happy for the surprise appearance of their favorite singer, some fans called out Demi Lovato for the previous comments they made about being in a packed place in the middle of a pandemic.

@adamperry__ said, "demi lovato is the biggest hypocrite in the music industry, like a week ago she was criticizing lollapalooza for having massive crowds and saying 'cmon guys were in a pandemic.' but now she's performing at an event with a massive crowd... make it make sense lmaooooo."

@lavishlove also tweeted, "this is why i always say demi lovato should keep their mouth shut and mind their business bc they're hypocrite af."

@poutysoyeon said, "Are people finally realizing how much of a hypocrite and horrible person Demi Lovato is? 'I couldn't go to protests bc asthma and other health issues.' *went out every other night with M*x*."

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This isn't the first criticism Demi Lovato received recently.

They were also slammed for attending Paris Hilton's screening of her Netflix series "Cooking With Paris."

Fans were disappointed and furious the "Dancing With the Devil" singer shared a video of her dancing with Nikita Dragun and even spotted kissing YouTuber Tana Mongeau on the cheek, which made fans ask if they're dating or not.

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