Lana Del Rey recently revealed that her will prohibits the release of her music in the future after she died.

The "Summertime Sadness" songstress took to Instagram to share Anderson .Paak's tattoo that says an important message about releasing posthumous records or tracks.

The tattoo reads, "When I'm gone, please don't release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached, those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public." (check out the image below)


Del Rey captioned the post with, "It's in my will but it's also on his tattoo."

The singer did not reveal more information on why future music releases are impossible after she passed away.

What Are Posthumous Albums?

According to Join Cake, posthumous albums consist of previous songs or demos that were not released to the public, which will be available to fans after a particular artist's death.

Many record labels have been doing this process over the past year, but it depends on the deceased artist's estate if they allow such practice.

Posthumous records' purpose is for fans to enjoy an artist's unreleased music. It can also serve as a legacy or testaments to a singer's career.

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This type of practice might be possible if a celebrity died while working on a music project and their initial plans to release it publicly. However, legal restrictions must also be considered as it is a significant hindrance in releasing such content.

One of the best examples is "Queen's" final studio album titled "Made in Heaven," which is released after the death of the iconic Freddie Mercury. The outlet stated that the singer knew his death is fast approaching, so he used it as an opportunity to give the public an insight from a person who knew his life would be over soon.

Per NME, recent artists with posthumous albums are Pop Smoke, Lil Peep, Juice WRLD, and more.

Lana Del Rey's New Era

The "Blue Jeans" hitmaker was set to release a new record last month called "Blue Banisters," however, it was halted for unknown reasons; Del Rey only shared the album cover on the day it was supposed to be released.

Earlier this year, she released an album titled "Chemtrails Over the Country Club" and it amassed positive reviews from critics.

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