Arca and Lady Gaga's music producer, Blood Pop, became huge topics in the Twitter stan community recently as fans accused them of trolling supporters about the actual release date of "Chromatica" remix album or even a single.

Little Monsters are furious as no new music was released on August 20th, and they think the music producer has been making fun of them.

In early reports, Venezuelan pop star Arca previously had fans excited over Lady Gaga's upcoming remix album. She revealed the release date of her "Rain On Me" collaboration with the singer.

"The remix is out August 20th, the rain on me remix which samples my songs time and mequetrefe also includes a sample by my favorite changa tuki aka raptor house producer dj yirvin, an iconic song called metelo sacalo." Arca wrote on her Discord server.

A track wasn't dropped today, and Arca took to Twitter to apologize to her fans for letting them down and giving them false hopes.

"I apologize to those of you who counted on my mentioning the release date if my remix today - I only passed on the info I was told... I'm impatient too." She wrote, obtained by Arca Daily Brasil.

However, the tweet appears to be deleted as the post is nowhere to be found on her official account.

At the time of this writing, Bloodpop has yet to comment on the matter, but he recently posted a photo of Grimes and Dorian Electra, confirmed collaborators on the remix record, seemingly hinting that the upcoming music is in the final stages of production. (Check out the photo below)

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When Is 'Chromatica' Remix Album Coming Out And Who's On It?

No confirmed date has been released to the public when the record is coming out; however, Bloodpop confirmed that fans could expect new music before September 2021 ends.

Lady Gaga had also acknowledged the long-awaited album by writing, "The Chromatica remix album is so f*****g Fuego, music is life," along with a mindblown emoji.

Confirmed collaborator includes Charli XCX for "911," Pabllo Vittar for "Fun Tonight," Rina Sawayama for "Free Woman," Bree Runway for "Babylon," Dorian Electra for "Replay," Grimes for all "Chromatica" interludes, Lil Texas and Chester Lockhart for "Sine From Above," and more.

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