More evidence and witnesses are surfacing to prove that R. Kelly is guilty. 

His trial continues, and with each witness, testimony only seems to get even more upsetting as the day goes by. 

On Friday's hearing, the disgraced singer's former tour manager took the stand to reveal a shocking claim - something that wasn't proven until admitting under oath. 

Demetrious Smith confessed he paid a government worker a $500 bribe to forge an ID for the then 15-year-old Aaliyah Dana Haughton so that the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer could marry her. 

In 1994, the ex-manager said he went to a Chicago welfare office and walked up to a government employee taking ID pics. He then asked them if they want to make easy money, then promptly giving them the cash. 

At the time, R. Kelly was 27, while the up-and-coming singer at the time was only 15. In their official marriage license, Aaliyah was said to be 18 years old when they tied the knot. 

It is being speculated that Robert Sylvester Kelly purposely married Aaliyah swiftly so she wouldn't be able to testify against him in court once her actual age had been discovered. 

In 2001, the "Try Again" hitmaker tragically passed away in a plane crash and wasn't given a chance to testify against what everybody alleged was an emotionally and physically abusive Kelly. 

R. Kelly Trial Witness Testimonies

Those who worked with R. Kelly previously recalled having to follow "Rob's Rules." 

They said that the singer's mansion was like stepping into the "Twilight Zone."

Per the witnesses, his orbit was an uncomfortable place where he controlled his underage and young girlfriends and members of his inner circles and those who work for him with strict orders, including dictating everything they did. 

Former general assistant Antony Navarro told the court, "You went into the gate and it was like a different world."

Additionally, another witness testified that Kelly didn't tell her he had herpes at the time of their intercourse. She also claimed that the R&B hitmaker wouldn't allow her to leave her own home. 

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Defense Argues R. Kelly's Relationships Were Consensual

Meanwhile, R. Kelly's lawyers told jurors that his relationships were consensual. They went on to say that the charges against him are "overreaching." 

R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to charges of violating the Mann Act and for racketeering. 

In other states, Kelly is also facing federal child porn and obstruction charges and multiple counts of aggravated assaults.

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