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Seventeen's Jun And THE8 Comes Home To China, Will The Group Proceed Promoting As 11-Members?

Seventeen's Jun And THE8 Go Home To China, Will The Group Proceed Promoting As 11-Members?

Buzz 09:30AM EDT

Seventeen’s Chinese members Jun and THE8 will not be participating in the group’s Korean activities as they are scheduled to return home.READ MORE

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5 K-Pop Albums You Don't Want to Miss as a Fan [Amazon]

Exclusives 13:22PM EDT

Here are K-pop albums you don't want to miss as a fan.READ MORE

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Queen Elizabeth II Is Mortified by Allegations of Prince Andrew's 'Sex Slave' Teenager

Off-Key 15:24PM EDT

The royal family's PR machine is working overtime to try and categorically shoot down the claims of a woman who insists she was a "sex slave" to Prince Andrew more than a decade ago when she was still a teenager. The allegations were made as part of a civil suit against already-convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was once one of the Duke of York's best friends. Andrew cut his holiday on the ski slopes short in order to return to Buckingham Palace to face Queen Elizabeth II Sunday, Jan. 4. The royal family has now issued a few statements, emphatically denying the claims that Virginia Roberts has made against Andrew, and even his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson has spoken out on his behalf, but this scandal does not seem like it is going away anytime soon. While Elizabeth is and always has been as strong and stoic as it gets, her health is failing and she has heart issues that do not need to be compounded by this sort of stress. According to a report by Radar Online, she is mortified that her favorite son is being accused of such impropriety. No matter what the real truth is, Andrew is unlikely to face any type of criminal punishment because he is protected under a deal that Epstein took when dealing with the government. That does not mean he will escape the wreckage of this kind of scandal unscathed, though.READ MORE

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