Nicki Minaj recently became a trending topic on Twitter after entering spaces, an audio-chat feature of the social media platform. She answered numerous questions from her fans about her upcoming album and other juicy information from previous collaborations.

One fan asked whether she was invited to feature on Doja Cat's track titled "Into It (Yuh)" from her album "Planet Her", and the queen of rap's answer shocked her supporters.

"It's not that I'm too busy, it's just there were middle people involved in that situation." she said. (listen to Nicki Minaj's answer below)

In addition, Minaj revealed that she didn't love Doja Cat's track saying, "I didn't love that song because I think I didn't think I could bring anything to it so I asked them to send me something else."

After refusing to collaborate on the track, Minaj said the middle people sent her another track, but she wants to hear something else, but they never got back to her.

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Nicki Minaj's Answer Caused a Twitter Feud Between Stan Accounts?

According to Meaww, Doja Cat's fans previously attacked Minaj on social media for not appearing on "Planet Her." Recently, the tables have turned as the rapper's fans, dubbed as barbs, are slamming the former's supporters for showing unruly behavior online.

"I hope now you people will stop your non-existent beef that you have manufactured in your head. Nicki and Doja are cool," one fan wrote.

"Crazy how so many people wanted Nicki and Doja to beef just to turn out that Nicki was supposed to be on the album," another fan wrote.

"As we should purrr, nicki and doja, and the barbz who were pressed and spread fake rumors about their beef are probably punching the air right now because of their clownery," one tweeted.

At the time of this writing, Doja Cat has not publicly commented on the matter.

Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj's Previous Collaboration

Despite the "non-existing beef," as said by fans, the two hip hop icons had already collaborated on a song last year for Doja Cat's remix version of "Say So." (listen to the song below)

The two iconic musicians made history on the Billboard Hot 100 as the track is their first number one hit, and it was also the first time two female rappers placed first on the chart.

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