2Pac's nephew, Malik Shakur, is an actor, but he recently revealed that he doesn't want to play his legendary uncle in a movie or elsewhere.

Speaking to HipHop DX, where he commemorated the rapper's 25th death anniversary, Malik looks back on his short memories about the late legend who died in 1996.

Malik was just an infant when his uncle was shot and killed, but he mentioned that there are many memorabilia and memories around his home.


His mother, Sekyiwa Shakur, is 2Pac's sister.

Malik said in the interview that there are two pictures on his mother's fridge, the first one is a picture of him in Atlanta attending a protest, and the other one is his uncle, a little bit over the age of 18.

He mentioned that he realized that he has a striking resemblance to his uncle, "we look just alike. We're making the same fist. I guess he gave me that bone in my body." (via NME)

Malik also opened up on how he relates to his late uncle despite the short time he spent with him as a baby. He mentioned that 2Pac used to fight apartheid before any celebrity, and he's relating to it now because he's doing the same thing.

Aside from being a legendary rapper, 2Pac is also an actor; he starred in several hip-hop classic films in the 90s.

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Malik himself is also an actor after starring in a few short films like "Buck," featured in Sundance Film Festival, and "Homegoing."

However, despite taking the career path of acting and being his uncle's doppelganger, he revealed that he doesn't want to play as 2Pac in any film or biopic.

"I think there's a lot of talented actors that could do that," he stated.

Although he refuses to act as 2Pac, he mentioned that he wants to be a part of the writing process of his uncle's story if ever a film will come to fruition in the future.

In addition, he thinks that it's a significant thing for him to write about his uncle's story because he's also shining a light on the Shakur family as a whole.

2Pac, whose real name is Tupac Shakur, was fatally shot in September 1996 in Las Vegas.

The rapper was struck by bullets that hit his chest, in the arm, and his thigh. He died in University Medical Center six days later. He was 26.

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