'Genesis' just began their first show for their farewell tour called "The Last Domino?" and vocalist Phil Collins appears to be seated as he performs the band's renowned songs from over the years.

According to Page Six the band was in Birmingham to start their long-awaited reunion tour. He is not alone as guitarist Mike Rutherford also opted to sit down several times throughout their performance.

Collins appears to be slimmer than he was over the past years. (check out the concert photos below circulated on Twitter)

This is the band's first show since their last performance in "Turn It On Again" tour in 2007. In early reports, Collins previously confirmed that their current tour will be their last.

They initially announced a reunion tour for the dates of November and December 2020 but they had to postpone due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The dates were later pushed back to April but it was also cancelled. Now the tour is finally confirmed and they will be taking over United Kingdom and North America over the next few months.

They will wrap their UK tour at the O2 Arena in London on October.

Other cities in their tour include Glasgow, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Manchester, Leeds, and more.

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Phil Collins' Health Condition

It is given that Collins had to sit down throughout the remainder of their show as he is currently suffering from a medical condition.

Since he used to be the band's drummer, he mentioned that he can barely hold a stick and he was physically challenged by the situation leaving him very frustrated.

However, the band still has a drummer as he was replaced with his son, Nic, and he will be touring with them for the rest of their tour dates.

"I'm kind of physically challenged a bit whichs very frustrating because I'd love to be playing up there with my son." Collins said earlier this month.

He mentioned that his son "plays a bit" like him and he became Nic's influence when it comes to music.

"he kinda has the same attitude as me, so that was a good starter." Collins described his son.

The legendary mucisian has been suffering from nerve damage due to a spinal injury that occured in 2007. The situation left the vertebrae in his upper neck damaged.

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