Phil Collins of 'Genesis'

'Frail' Phil Collins Appears To Be Seated Throughout 'Genesis' Farewell Tour's First Show

Buzz 21:51PM EDT

'Genesis' first show for their farewell tour began and frontman Phil Collins appears to be seated throughout his performance.READ MORE


Artists & fans crowdfund shows with RABBL social network

Trending News 10:19AM EDT

If you haven't heard of RABBL so far, you will soon. It's a new social networking service where artists can crowdfund shows. Music fans are constantly coming at musicians asking when they are going to play their hometown next. The demand for an artist to play a certain venue may be there, but it's typically not much in the artist's control where they end up touring. RABBL puts things into both the musician's and the fans' hands. The artist first creates a potential show at a venue (a "rabbl). Then fans "reserve" tickets. If there is enough demand from the fans for the artist to play that venue, it's booked and the show goes on! We spoke to Wade Lagrone, CEO and co-founder to get the details. READ MORE

Nickelback: 'Lullaby' Songsters Blast Radio Waves For Over 10 Years

Genres 10:41AM EDT

Nickelback, everyone's favorite band to hate, has been gracing the radio waves for over ten years. READ MORE

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