It seems like Megan Thee Stallion has gotten herself in trouble because of her recent sub-tweets supposedly calling out a specific musician.

Is the "Hot Girl Summer" star getting sweaty from the extreme attention she's dealing with? According to sources, Meg is now facing the "unleashed wrath of Kodak Black" as she triggered the producer by mentioning NBA YoungBoy on Twitter.

The reason behind the singer's backlash was because of the posts she directed towards the "Wake Up in the Sky" producer, which caught the attention of another industry big-name, Dyryk.

Megan Stirs Up Some Drama

The article reported that Meg had used YoungBoy's catchphrase "YB Better" before her sub-tweets to garner the interest of her real target, which was Kodak all along.

"You fell off... period," the 26-year old tweeted and followed it up with, "If you an opp don't tweet at me... this is not a group project." Apparently, the tweets were Thee Stallion's response to the musician's recent Akademiks interview, where he once again brought up the origin of the legendary phrase.

According to the rapper, he was the original creator of the famous "Drive the Boat" lyrics, and that he was the ultimate reason why it had gone viral in the first place.

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Dyryk Drags Megan on Instagram

Fans had connected the tweets and deducted who the "Body" singer was pertaining to as NBA Youngboy and Kodak Black are publicly known to have beef.

However, Black's partner in crime had addressed the issue and made it a public event on his Instagram account. Derek Garcia, better known as Dyryk, tagged Meg on his call-out Instagram story, which accused the singer of having "go-to writers" for her tracks.

"You are definitely not the talent behind any of your records. Go cling on that bottle and re-cut that verse one more time, you didn't match the reference they wrote for you," the producer wrote. Megan had already addressed the ghostwriting accusations back in 2019 and has made no further comments regarding the allegations.

Based on this article, the rapper seems unbothered by the news as she's looking forward to possibly another collaboration with Korean boy group BTS which might drop soon as Meg hinted on her Twitter "Oct 21st... something for the hotties... if you not a hottie don't worry about it."

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