Dr. Dre had reportedly received the documents for his divorce from his ex-wife Nicole Young during his grandmother's funeral in Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, the rapper was served the court filings during an unfortunate time in his life as Andre Romelle Young, aka Dr. Dre, was in the middle of attending his late relative's burial when the divorce papers had arrived.

The article expounded that the musician was already struggling to handle his "contentious separation" from his former wife. And during his last glimpse and farewell to his grandma, the process server handed him the documents.

Dr. Dre's Reaction to the Divorce

Attendees of the funeral said that the exchange happened after the burial ceremony, at the nearest parking lot to the cemetery. However, the public servant approached the celebrity during the burial ceremony where Dre had been graveside near his loved one's casket.

The 56-year old singer's first reaction after seeing the papers was of shock and disbelief, which had then developed into fury as the musician had "recoiled in anger" thanks to the delivery. He then refused to accept the court filing from the sender and even forced the server to drop them to the ground.

Based on this article by Page Six, Nicole's team of lawyers had included court orders which stated that the CEO of Beats Entertainment and founder of Aftermath Entertainment is required to pay for their client's legal fees in the divorce papers.

However, it was discovered that Young only paid $325,433 out of the $1.5 million that the assigned Judge had ordered to pay off. The artist still has a remaining balance of $1,224,567 left to settle before the pair's separation is finalized.

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Is Dr Dre An Abuser?

The pair had been married for 24 years but decided to call it quits in June 2020 after Nicole had accused the "I Need A Doctor" singer of abuse.

The publication reported that the alleged abuse had created significant harm to the socialite as she developed "post-traumatic stress syndrome" due to the situation. Dr. Dre vehemently denied the accusations against him, but that didn't hinder the Judge from making him pay almost #300,000 in Nicole's monthly spousal support.

Before getting their divorce finalized, the duo still has to figure out how to divide the celebrity's overall assets, estimated to be around $800 million.

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