Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain may have had a fantastic friendship together throughout the years, but the latter reportedly tried to kick the drummer out of the hit band "Nirvana,"; how did this happen?

The "Foo Fighters" founder recently spoke to Vulture, where he recalled the time when he overheard Cobain talking to bassist Krist Novoselic on finding a new drummer for the band.

"I could hear Kurt saying, 'I think we need a drummer that's more rudimental, along the lines of Dan Peters,' who was the guy they almost hired," Grohl recalled.

The musician said he was "really upset" with what he heard as he thought things were okay.

Dan Peters used to be a part of "Nirvana" before Grohl. The musician ended up getting the gig as a full-time drummer.

Following with the conversation he heard, Grohl mentioned that he confronted Novoselic saying, "is that really what you guys want to do? Because if that's what you want, maybe just let me know, and we can call it a day." (via Huffpost)

Grohl later talked to Cobain, and the late musician told him that it was not what they wanted to do.

After they talked, the group ultimately decided that Grohl should stay as a drummer.

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Dave Grohl Struggled With Kurt Cobain's Death

The two legends worked together for more than three years. Despite the short amount of time they spent with each other, it made a long-lasting impact on Grohl.

In his memoir titled "The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music," he details his friendship with Cobain. He recalled the time when he first met the late musician in the airport.

Grohl said he was eating an apple, and he offered some to Cobain, which he turned down as it would make his "teeth bleed."

Little did he know, that brief encounter would change his life forever.

The band didn't rise to fame quickly as they started touring across the country through a van. Grohl also worked several jobs aside from his full-time music gig.

When Cobain died, Grohl was devastated as it turned his world upside down. He mentioned that he couldn't turn on the radio for days and avoided playing instruments.

He was able to face his sadness when he traveled to Ring of Kerry in Ireland where he saw a hitchhiker wearing a Kurt Cobain shirt.

"And it was that moment that I decided, okay, I'm going to start over." he said.

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