"Genesis" has been staying strong since earlier members of the band founded it in the 1960s; however, since Phil Collins is currently experiencing a tragic health condition, the group may retire soon after their tour.

According to the Washington Post, since Collins is their current frontman, he earned his right to decide when it's time to bid farewell from fans.

The band recently had a show in Washington D.C., and Collins never performed any of his solo tracks.

The outlet suggests that the singer hinted at the band's possible retirement through his singing capability as they mentioned that his voice sounded reedy and thin at the beginning of the show.

The musician reportedly does not look well, and he has to be assisted to go up on stage. He walked with a cane and was seated on a chair through the remainder of the evening.

Phil Collins Health Condition

In early reports, the drummer said he could barely hold a stick because of his medical condition.

After a spinal injury, Collins was left suffering from nerve damage. The vertebrae in his upper neck had problems.

Since he couldn't play the drums anymore, his son Nic Collins took his role as a drummer.

"I'm kind of physically challenged a bit which is very frustrating because I'd love to be playing up there with my son." Collins said. (via NME)

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'Genesis' History

Back in the day, the band started as a prog-rock band that had double-disc concept albums. They're known for having lengthy tracks that take up a whole LP side.

In 1975, their former frontman Peter Gabriel stepped down from his position, making Collins take the lead.

The band went on to have hit tracks over the next decades like "I Can't Dance," "Throwing It All Away, "Land of Confusion," "Follow You Follow Me," and more.

Aside from Phil Collins, their current members include Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.

Is Phil Collins The Only One Retiring?

In early reports, Collins confirmed that he would be retiring from performing after their current reunion tour. He said this would be "the last" for him.

However, it's unclear whether the band will retire along with him or they will replace him with a new lead.

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