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Queen of Jeans Share Bangles 'Walk Like an Egyptian' Cover, Cast Moms in Music Video [WATCH]

I had the pleasure of seeing Queen of Jeans a month ago in NYC, and I can honestly say that they are a band that sound as good as, if not better live than their recordings. While their self-titled debut EP is a collection of infectious originals that ...

Trump Supporter Sings 'Stand by Me' to Donald & Ben Carson on Stage [WATCH]

Watch Donald Trump and Ben Carson kind of dance to a guy singing a rendition of "Stand by Me" to the 2016 Presidential hopeful. It is awkward, you guys.

Flaunt Shares "You Sure Know How to Hurt Someone" Music Video from New Album 'Rave Noir'

Experimental rock group Flaunt shares the new music video for the cover of Ann Margret's "You Sure Know How to Hurt Someone," off of the 2016 album 'Rave Noir.' Watch the video and listen to a stream of the record right here!

Stream The Lost Poets' New 2016 Album 'Insubordia PT II' [LISTEN]

The Lost Poet's latest album, 'Insubordia PT II' is streaming right now. Listen to these new songs below.

Mixtape Monday: This Week's Newest Tracks For Sharing

What new songs premiered last week? Check out our top ten tracks of the past week in music below, including new tunes from Drake, M83, MIA, Deftones, Kanye West and more!

WATCH Manchester United vs City Free Online Live Stream Premier League 2016 Schedule Standings

Manchester City take on their neighbors Manchester United today in one of the more exciting Barclays Premier League games. Make sure to check out links to free online live streams here.

WATCH Liverpool vs Southampton Free Online Live Stream Premier League 2016 Schedule Standings

Liverpool FC and Southampton are tied in the Premier League standings, making today's game one of the most exciting ones of the weekend. Watch with some free online live stream links below.

WATCH Chelsea vs West Ham Free Online Live Stream Premier League 2016 Schedule Standings

West Ham United are favored to win today against Chelsea FC, which is a strange turn of events that came about because of the defending champions' dissapointing season this year. Can intirim manager Guus Hiddink keep his undefeated streak? Check out ...

WATCH Arsenal vs Everton Free Online Live Stream Premier League 2016 Schedule Standings

Will Everton FC surprise Arsenal today or will Arsene Wenger's men take home a victory in the Barlays Premier League? Check out links to free online live streams of the game right here.

WATCH Borussia Dortmund vs Tottenham Free Online Live Stream Europa League 2016 Schedule

Can Tottenham Hotspur surprise Borussia Dortmund today in the second leg of the teams' UEFA Europa League tie?

WATCH Man United vs Liverpool Free Online Live Stream Europa League 2016 Schedule

Can Manchester United come from behind and move ahead, or will Liverpool knock out the Europa Cup hopefuls? You can watch the UEFA action right here with a couple of links provided.

Stream Jelani Lateef's New Mixtape 'Cold Days and Dark Nights' [LISTEN]

Chicago hip-hop artist Jelani Lateef, aka J Fury, has been spreading social awareness through personal lyrics and catchy beats for over a decade, but he isn't showing signs of slowing down. His latest mixtape release, Cold Days and Dark Night, is a ...

Bad Brains Singer H.R., aka Paul D. Hudson, is Suffering From "Suicide Syndrome"

In a lengthy open letter to his fans, the caregiver of Bad Brains singer H.R., real name Paul D. Hudson, has announced the hardcore icon is currently suffering from a rare neurobiological disorder.

Is Ted Cruz the Lead Singer of Christian Metal Band Stryper or Zodiac Killer?

If Ted Cruz isn't the lead singer of Christian metal band Stryper, he MUST be the Zodiac Killer, right?

Justin Bieber vs MMA Fighter Nate Diaz in 'UFC 2' Gameplay Video [WATCH]

What do you think would happen if Justin Bieber fought Nate Diaz in a UFC fight? Check out gameplay footage of 'UFC 2' to get an idea!

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