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Death Grips

9 Albums With More Than One Cover Design: Kanye West, Radiohead, And More

Whether we like it or not, an album cover greatly influences the way we hear the music held inside of it (it's why the guitars on My Bloody Valentine's Loveless sound "pink" to me). However, there are some artists who have release albums with more ...

Why Death Grips' Split Isn't Shocking: A Brief Timeline

The sudden split of experimental hip-hop band Death Grips should come as no surprise to anyone who's been following the band for the past few years. Here's a brief timeline of some of the band's confounding antics.

Death Grips Breaks Up by Surprise Like Any High Schooler: Via Facebook...Trent Reznor Not Surprised

In perhaps (definitely) the least surprising surprise of the day, the hip-hop cum industrial band Death Grips announced it's breakup, and canceling all tour dates accordingly. The most humorous detail, at least for those not traumatized by the band's ...

7 Gateway Artists Into Hip-Hop: Beck, Flying Lotus, and more

If you ask someone what kind of music they listen to, fifty percent of the time their answer will be “everything, except country and rap”. While I’ve written about country songs that would appeal to country-haters, hip-hop is much trickier and ...

Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden confirm tour for 2014 after details leak

Call it the worst kept touring secret of the year... But today (March 17), Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden announced they will be hitting the road together this summer. The official announcement comes after rumors (and a slip from Ticketmaster) of a ...

Death Grips recording new album, Zach Hill claims band hoping to 'tour a lot' during 2014

Death Grips claims to be working on another new album, despite having released three over the past two years. Last year's release, Government Plates, was featured on several year-end "best of" lists.

Death Grips Vinyl Version of 'No Love Deep Web' Mysteriously Surfaces

According to a Consequence of Sound report, the always-mysterious Death Grips may be at it again. It appears a vinyl version of their album "No Love Deep Web" has surfaced in a few record stores, though the source of its creation is unknown.

Drumgasm (Featuring Percussionists From Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney and Death Grips) Streams Album Online

What do you get when three of alternative rock's most renowned drummers come together to make an album? DRUMGASM. This percussion supergroup is made up of Pearl Jam's/Soundgarden's Matt Cameron, Sleater-Kinney's/Wild Flag's/Quasi's Janet Weiss, and ...

Death Grips Lollapalooza, Chicago No-Shows Was Actually Publicity Stunt/Performance Art Done Wrong

Death Grips, the alternative hip-hop group that made headlines by mysteriously not showing up for a Lollapalooza pre-show concert and the canceling their performance at the festival, evidently did so with the intention of creating an act of ...

Death Grips No-Show LollaPalooza: Hundreds of Fans Destroy Band's Equipment

The Death Grips no-show for a Lollapalooza after show on Friday night at the sold-out Bottom Lounge led to hundreds of fans destroying the band's equipment...

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