June 19, 2018 / 11:58 AM

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Pharrell Williams 'Happy' sticks at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100; Iggy Azalea 'Fancy' debuts in top 10

The Billboard Hot 100 continues its two-month long string of stagnancy this week, as (surprise!) Pharrell Williams' peppy Despicable Me 2/G I R L single "Happy" spends an astonishing 10th week atop the charts.

Pharrell Williams lords over stagnant Digital Downloads charts week with 'Happy'

WARNING: If you hate banality and environments where things never change, don't read the following summary of last week's Digital Downloads chart. The first five spots all remained exactly the same as last week. Exactly. The. Same.

Paolo Nutini new album 'Caustic Love' lands at No. 1 again in the UK, leading Iggy Azalea, Eels

Paolo Nutini will definitely be able to buy some "New Shoes" with the royalties from his recent UK album sales. For the second week in a row, the Scottish singer-songwriter's new album "Caustic Love" topped the British album charts.

Pharrell Williams still 'Happy' atop Billboard Hot 100: Justin Timberlake 'Not A Bad Thing,' Chris Brown 'Loyal' debut in top 10

The Hot 100 continues to just be ridiculously, incessantly "Happy" this week. For the ninth time in a row, the seemingly unstoppable Pharrell Williams sits atop the Billboard Singles Chart. However, unlike the last three weeks, there's been a bit of ...

Pharrell Williams still on top with 'Happy,' fans turn up for 'Turn Down For What'

The lead-up to Easter weekend didn't bring much new music to the Digital Downloads charts, but it did greatly improve the sales of tracks by those who were already there. Nearly every performer in the Top 10 saw a boost in downloads.

John Legend to work on documentary-style dance film

John Legend is teaming up with writer John Swetnam for a coming-of-age dance drama 'Breaking Through.'

Pharrell Williams 'Happy' at top of Hot 100 for eighth week in most unmoving week ever

The top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 remains almost completely stagnant for the third week in a row, marking the first time in the history of the charts that the top seven songs in America remain unmoved.

Pharrell Williams and 'Happy' continue reign, Ed Sheeran makes hot debut with 'Sing'

The slow sales that plagued the Billboard 200 this week didn't avoid the Digital Downloads chart either, although totals weren't nearly as painful for digital tracks. A new name came into play, but the top four tracks will be familiar to our readers.

Pharrell Williams 'Happy' atop Billboard Hot 100 in stagnant chart week

Pharrell Williams must be super "Happy." For the seventh week in a row, the prolific musician's peppy take on "If You're Happy And You Know It" is topping the Billboard Hot 100.

Pharrell Williams starting to see competition from John Legend and 'All Of Me' on Downloads chart

Tell us if this one sounds familiar: Pharrell Williams and "Happy" was the most downloaded song in America last week. Of course it does. Williams and his hit, the best selling track of 2014, have topped the Digital Downloads chart for eight straight ...

'Happy' tops Digital Downloads chart for seventh week, John Legend and Lil Jon rise

The Billboard 200 was slow on sales last week, and the trend continues over on the Digital Downloads chart as well. There were no new tracks featured in the Top 10 last week, and of the returnees, only two managed to see an increase in downloads.

Pharrell Williams tops Digital Downloads chart sixth straight week with 'Happy'

Much like the Billboard 200 chart, the top spots on the Digital Downloads chart continue to be dominated by familiar faces.

Pharrell Williams and 'Happy' continue domination of Digital Downloads chart

The Billboard 200 didn't let a knew album get to its top place this week, so there's no reason why we should expect the Digital Downloads chart to do anything different.

Pharrell Williams doubles Digital Downloads of John Legend and Jason Derulo with 'Happy'

Two headlines dominate the Top 10 of this week's Billboard Digital Downloads chart. One involves Pharrell Williams domination of downloads, and the other is the emergence of two new tracks in the Top 10.

Pharrell Williams and 'Happy' top 400,000 downloads again, Jason Derulo and Katy Perry struggle to keep up

The Billboard 200 was awash with debut albums this week, but things largely remained the same over on the Digital Downloads chart. Although every track in the Top 10 is the same as last week, there was some shuffling.

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