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Daft Punk, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar see huge upticks in Spotify streams following Grammys

Album and download sales are down. Everyone knows this. The number of viewers taking on the Grammys even year continues to rise however, most likely because they're on television, and the populace just can't handle things they can't see. Either way, ...

GRAMMY: Lang Lang Mixes Prokofiev, Bartók with Rock 'n' Roll, Hip-Hop

The Chinese piano superstar has a very different take on the classical masters.

After Lang Lang Takes Grammys with Metallica, Sony Classical Releasing 'Happy Chinese New Years' EP

The Grammys will play host to a new invention of orchestral thrash this year, as the deft concert pianist Lang Lang will team up with metal pioneers Metallica. This wouldn't be the first time the heavy quartet paired up for an orchestral ...

Metallica working on new album soon, Kirk Hammett assures fans

Add Metallica to the list of big name metal groups that could potentially release new music during 2014. Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett told Billboard that the band had "run out of excuses" to not record a new album.

Lang Lang: Who is Metallica's Grammy's performing partner?

Metallica is nothing new for Grammy viewers, being one of the few bands to emerge from the dark depths of metal and gain mainstream awareness. Far fewer are familiar with Lang Lang, the classical pianist with whom Metallica will share the stage with ...

Lorde, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke and Metallica join the Grammy performers list

Lorde, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke and Metallica have been added to the performers list for the 56th annual Grammy Awards. This marks Lorde's Grammy Awards debut, and she is up for four awards including record of the year and song of the year for her ...

Metallica releases Anarctica concert as live album called 'Freeze 'Em All'

Metallica performed a gig in Antarctica earlier this month as part of a Coca-Cola promotion. Now the frozen metal pioneers have made the concert available as a live album download on The album, entitled Freeze 'Em All, can be ...

Metallica play 10-song set for concert in Antarctica [WATCH]

We reported back in October that Metallica would be performing in Antarctica as part of a Coca-Cola promotion. The exclusive show is only the second to ever be performed on the continent. The temperature was -7 degrees when they performed to a crowd ...

Metallica won't bring back Orion Fest for 2014 due to scheduling conflicts

The top question on the minds of those who attended Orion Fest last year was where the festival would take place for its third installment, not whether it would happen at all. C3, the promoter of the festival curated by Metallica, told The Detroit ...

Metallica To Play Show In Antarctica For Coke Zero Colombia Promotion

While Santa Claus is up at the North Pole this December, Coca-Cola Zero Colombia is sending Metallica down south to Antarctica — a continent covered 98 percent in ice — for a face melting concert. The event will take place between Dec. 2 and Dec. ...

Album Sales Roundup: Drake Dominates Charts, Kings of Leon Place, Luke Bryan Just Won't Let Go of Spot

For the second week in a row, the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 was dominated by a slew of new albums: Rockers and rapper, classic artists and new, we got it all.

Metallica Stops By The Colbert Report, Plays 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' and 'Master of Puppets,' Promotes 3D Film 'Through the Never' [WATCH]

Metallica stopped by The Colbert Report last night in support of their upcoming 3D film, Metallica: Through The Never.

Metallica Takes New York City, Playing at Historic Apollo Theater and Yankee Stadium During Same Day

The Apollo Theater in Harlem has seen a number of historic live shows, starting at James Brown's legendary live shows and flowing from there. It's understandable that other huge acts want the chance to perform on that hallowed ground, but most ...

The Greencards May Be Largely Australian, But they've Got Americana Down Pat on 'Sweetheart Of The Sun'

The Greencards is the calling card for Kym Warner and Carol Young, two Australian expats playing bluegrass and Americana in the United States. The group wraps more than just those two countries into its new album "Sweetheart of The Sun" however.

Aerosmith Cancels First Ever Tour Dates in China Over Failure to Meet 'Contractual Obligations'

Aerosmith cancelled on the band's first trip to China, citing failure to "meet contractual obligations" on the behalf of concert promoters.

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