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Beyonce's Uncle Skip Dead: Tina Knowles' Brother Lumis Joseph Death & Funeral Shock Twitter

Buzz 12:00PM EDT

Reports confirm that Beyonce's beloved Uncle Skip died earlier this month. Funeral arrangements will take place in Texas later this weekend.READ MORE

Bankroll Fresh

Rapper Bankroll Fresh Killed, Lil Wayne & Fans Mourn Tragic Atlanta Shooting Death On Twitter

Buzz 10:28AM EDT

Reports confirm that aspiring rapper Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed outside of a popular recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month. Several fans and fellow hip-hop superstars continue mourning Fresh's tragic death on Twitter.READ MORE

Diem Brown - Twitter

The Late Diem Brown Knew That She Had Colon Cancer When She Began Filming MTV's 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2'

Off-Key 16:07PM EDT

Fans of MTV's "The Challenge" were crushed in November when Diem Brown lost her battle with cancer. It was the third time in about eight years the reality star found herself fighting for her life, and many expected her to pull through just like she had before. Instead, colon cancer that spread to her kidneys ultimately ended up being stronger than she was, but in the months leading up to her death Brown never gave up hope. She began filming "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2" in August and said she wanted the prize money so she could pay for a surrogate to carry babies for her. What no one realized is that Brown already knew she was sick again.READ MORE

Wreckage from AirAsia Flight 8501

Indonesian Officials Say AirAsia Plane Climbed Too Fast, Likely Stalled Out

Off-Key 12:07PM EDT

About a week after finding and recovering the black boxes from AirAsia Flight 8501, investigators are beginning to put together a solid idea of what led to the demise of the plane. It had been reported almost immediately after the flight went missing that storms in the area and bad weather conditions had prompted the pilot to ask to climb from 32,000 feet up to 38,000 feet but was initially denied. Indonesian officials are now saying that the pilot did climb 6,000 feet in just one minute, and that likely caused the airbus to stall out.READ MORE

Mario Cuomo - Getty Images

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo Is Dead at 82

Off-Key 09:13AM EDT

Legendary New York political figure Mario Cuomo died Thursday, Jan. 1, of heart failure. Cuomo served three terms as the governor of New York and died not long after his son, Andrew Cuomo, was sworn in for a second term as governor. According to a statement released by his family, Cuomo died surrounded by family. The "New York Post" was one of the first outlets to announce the sad news, saying: "Cuomo, who had been ill for months, was 82, and his death came just hours after his son, Andrew, was inaugurated for a second term in his father's old job. Daughter Madeline Cuomo said her dad died in his Manhattan home at 5:15 p.m., and noted that those were 'his lucky numbers.' "I think he waited until after Andrew's swearing-in," she added. "He had been receiving hospice care in his Sutton Place apartment, and the cause appeared related to recent heart troubles, sources said." Cuomo, during his heyday, was popular for his eloquence and ability to use his humble beginnings as a way to connect with people and then drive home his points in order to facilitate change. He was also dubbed the "Hamlet on the Hudson" because of his internal struggle over whether or not to run for president in the 1988 and '92 races. He backed out at the last minute in 1991, paving the way for a fairly unknown candidate named Bill Clinton to sneak in and grab the Democratic nomination.READ MORE

Kate Burton and Edward Herrmann - Getty Images

'Gilmore Girls' Star Edward Herrmann Dies After Battling Brain Cancer

Off-Key 19:34PM EDT

It's a sad day in Hollywood as we have learned that noted stage and screen actor, Edward Herrmann has died at age 71. The actor, best known for playing Richard Gilmore on "Gilmore Girls," died earlier today after a battle with brain cancer. He had been hospitalized in NYC for over 3 weeks and his family decided to disconnect his respirator today.READ MORE

Casey Kasem - Getty Images

Casey Kasem Has Finally Been Buried in Norway Six Months After His Death

Off-Key 16:54PM EDT

The only thing sadder than the fact that it took six months for Casey Kasem to be buried is the fact that it happened last Tuesday, Dec. 16, in Norway and his kids had no idea about it until today. The radio icon died in June and in the months that followed his wife Jean Kasem was locked in a battle with his grown children who believed he had been a victim of elder abuse. The LAPD had been actively investigating the circumstances surrounding Kasem's death and his burial pretty much puts a swift ending to any chance of charges being filed against Jean. According to a report by TMZ, Kasem was finally laid to rest last Tuesday in Vestre Gravlund, one of Norway's biggest cemeteries. Jean had claimed that she wanted her husband buried in Norway because of his heritage, but his children have suspected all along that she was withholding his remains so no tests could be done to further pinpoint what contributed to his death. They have firmly believed that bed sores led to the fatal infection that ultimately killed Kasem, but now there is really no chance of proving that even if it was the case.READ MORE

The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes ll - Twitter

MTV Drops New Trailer and Announces It Is Dedicating Upcoming Season of 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II' to Diem Brown and Ryan Knight

Off-Key 14:43PM EDT

The last several weeks have been pretty sad for the MTV family, as they have lost two members far too young. Diem Brown was as well-known for her struggles with cancer as she was for her fearlessness on several seasons of "The Challenge," and she was actually filming when she found out that cancer had spread to her colon. Brown put up a fight right to the end before finally dying in November. Just one short week later her cast mate, Ryan Knight, was found dead after a night of hard partying. MTV has decided to dedicate the upcoming season of "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes ll" to Brown and Knight, who make their final appearances in the series. The network has also dropped a new trailer for the upcoming season, which begins with CT Tambourello lifting Brown up off the couch and carrying her in his arms. Fans of Brown already know she collapsed not too long after filming for this series began and she was ultimately flown to New York, where she received the news that her cancer had spread. The rest of the clip looks like typical "Challenge" fare: lots of high-flying moments and the risky, daredevil moments that keep fans ultimately coming back for more.READ MORE

Diem Brown - Instagram

Chris 'CT' Tamburello Proposed to Diem Brown Five Days Before Her Death

Off-Key 17:06PM EDT

Fans of MTV's "The Challenge" are likely familiar with Diem Brown and Chris "CT" Tamburello's love story. They first met and fell in love on the show in 2006 and spent the next several years making up only to break up. Friends of the couple have said that while their relationship was complicated, Brown and Tamburello had a lot of love for each other, even when they were off. On Nov. 14, Brown died due to complications caused by the cancer that had spread throughout her body, but in her final days Tamburello worked hard to make their status official. According to "Us Weekly," just five days before Brown's death Tamburello burst into her hospital room and filmed a proposal that included a ruby ring. Brown shot him down, joking that she hated rubies, and so the next day he returned with a different ring. Brown knew her days were numbered, and she was struggling to find an alternative treatment that might buy her a little more time. She reportedly did not want to be engaged under those circumstances, and she likely knew that in the end it might make it harder for Tamburello to move on after her death.READ MORE

Diem Brown - Instagram

Chris 'CT' Tamburello Breaks His Silence, Posts Heart-Wrenching Message to Longtime Love Diem Brown

Off-Key 15:45PM EDT

Diem Brown was a rare kind of reality star. Sure, she was a hardcore competitor on several seasons of MTV's T"he Challenge," but she was even more fearless when it came to battling cancer on three different occasions. She used her time in the spotlight to help advocate for others's battling serious illnesses and started her own nonprofit called Medgift to help patients offset the steep cost of being seriously ill. Through it all, her boyfriend Chris "CT" Tamburello was there. While these two were not always together over the last eight years, they always reunited when it counted and Tamburello was with Brown right up until her death on Nov. 14. Her funeral was yesterday in New York City, and now that reality is starting to sink in, Tamburello finally broke his silence with a post on Instagram.READ MORE

Diem Brown - Getty Images

MTV's Diem Brown Loses Third Courageous Battle with Cancer, Dead at 32

Off-Key 10:51AM EDT

Perhaps one of the saddest stories of this past week is the news that Diem Brown has lost her battle with cancer. The 32-year old had starred on seven seasons of MTV's "The Challenge" and she had used her fame as a platform to educate about every aspect of cancer. She was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer nearly ten years ago and then fought a second round successfully back in 2012. In late August of this year, Brown's final battle began. By October she had learned that her cancer had spread to the lining of her stomach, her liver and her lymph nodes. Perhaps the saddest thing of all was the desperation Brown showed earlier this week in wanting to live.READ MORE

Oscar Tavares - Getty Images

St. Louis Cardinal's Phenom Oscar Taveras Killed In A Car Accident

Off-Key 09:49AM EDT

Sad news this morning for MLB fans as it has been confirmed that 22-year old Oscar Tavares was killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic on Sunday. Taveras was driving a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro on a highway between the beaches of Sosua and Cabarete in Puerto Plata, about 215 miles north of the capital of Santo Domingo, at the time of the crash. Col. Diego Pesqueira of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency confirmed, "He wasn't carrying documents at the time of the accident, but his body was identified by family members."READ MORE

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