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Big Sean and Ariana Grande at the Grammys

5 Celebrity Couples Releasing Albums in Same Year: Ariana Grande vs. Big Sean, Jay Z vs. Beyonce and More

Buzz 17:44PM EDT

This week marks a high point for the "power couple" status of Big Sean and Ariana Grande: The former's new album Dark Sky Paradise topped the Billboard 200, selling nearly 140,000 copies in the process. That gives him his first no. 1 album, which matches him with his girlfriend, who topped albums charts with My Everything last year. Grande may have outsold her beau but that doesn't necessarily mean she "wears the pants" in the relationship (it's tough to imagine her ever wearing pants, based on her typical stage apparel). Music Times looked back over the last few years and found couples who had both released new albums within a year of each other, researched who sold more and which album was ultimately better, in deciding who ran the house that year.READ MORE


Zedd Instagram Suggests More Than Professional Relationship with Selena Gomez; How Does It Effect Sales?

Buzz 11:46AM EDT

Relationship rumors between Zedd and Selena Gomez based on juicy Instagram photos may be causing us in the media to salivate but in the long run the effects of the headlines might do well for the EDM DJ as well. So far the only charts that can demonstrate the effect of the rumors is Billboard's Social 50 chart, where the German producer debuted this week at no. 40.READ MORE

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas Explains Jonas Brothers Break Up After Being Booted From 'Celebrity Apprentice': "The Friction Was Too Much" [WATCH]

Buzz 12:19PM EDT

The Jonas Brothers broke up unexpectedly in 2013 right before the release of a new album and the beginning of a world tour. Each brother went his separate way with Kevin Jonas eventually putting out a food app (Yood) and signing on to Celebrity Apprentice, from which he was just booted.READ MORE

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Shares New Single 'Teacher' from Upcoming Solo Album [LISTEN]

Buzz 17:40PM EDT

It is less than a week until the release of Nick Jonas's upcoming, self-titled solo album, but that is more than enough time to drop one more single. The 22-year-old singer has shared a dancey new single titled "Teacher" featuring a Prince-inspired electro-funk backing track that could have easily fit on Justin Timberlake's last album. Check out Nick Jonas's new single "Teacher" here: "Teacher" is the fifth single to be shared from Nick Jonas's upcoming, self-titled solo album, following "Wilderness," "Numb" featuring Angel Haze, "Jealous" and "Chains." The album is set for release Nov. 10 and will be Jonas's first solo album since the breakup of the Jonas Brothers in 2013.READ MORE

Nick Jonas -

Nick Jonas Shares New Single 'Numb' Featuring Angel Haze [LISTEN]

Genres 10:47AM EDT

Nick Jonas continues to stir up excitement for his upcoming album by sharing yet another new single, "Numb." Much like the previous two singles that Jonas has shared, "Numb" embraces an electronic R&B sound, only this time there's much more of a hip-hop edge, with rapper Angel Haze dropping by to lay down a verse.READ MORE

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Channels Lionel Richie, Elvis While Balancing Music, Acting

Genres 20:44PM EDT

The former Jonas Brothers star has continued his acting career, and will star in the martial arts drama Kingdom this fall. He wants to balance both music and acting like The King.READ MORE

Nick Jonas -

Nick Jonas Shares Solo Single 'Chains' [LISTEN]

Genres 16:37PM EDT

Today, Nick Jonas premiered his solo single "Chains" over at Complex. The song can't be shared yet, but you can check it out over on Soundcloud right now by clicking here.READ MORE

The Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas working on Demi Lovato's upcoming tour

Genres 14:28PM EDT

The representatives of Disney's golden age of pop music have moved on from the company, but they're still making it work. One group that was once at the top of the Disney music empire, The Jonas Brothers, have officially folded. But the trio has far from given up on music. Nick Jonas, the youngest member of the group, has signed on with fellow Disney alum Demi Lovato as the musical and creative director on her "Neon Lights" tour. READ MORE

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