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Taylor Swift Projected To Sell 400,000 More Copies Of '1989' In Second Week

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Billboard projects Swift's 1989 to haul in the second-best sales week of the year (behind her own 2014 record last week), and it will be a challenge for any record (Now 52 is the biggest "competitor") to get within 300,000.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Calls Spotify "An Experiment" That Doesn't "Feel Right"

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Taylor Swift's new album, '1989,' has famously become the first album in 2014 to go platinum, having sold over 1.2 million copies in its first week of release, and though the album certainly would have become a big seller no matter what, its stellar sales figures can be partially attributed to Swift's decision to pull all of her music from Spotify. In a new interview with Yahoo! Music, the 24-year-old singer explains her unusual decision, citing the uncertainty of the future of streaming, as well as Spotify's notoriously poor compensation of musicians.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Is the First Artist to Sell 1 Million Albums in 2014

Buzz 11:26AM EDT

2014 has been a down year for record sales, and that is putting it lightly. While the industry has been moving toward streaming as computer technology heads up into the cloud, 2014 was poised to not have a platinum album released. In steps the music industry's pop/country queen bee Taylor Swift to the rescue, who not only beat expectations for what her first-week album sales would be with "1989," but absolutely crushed them. She is the first artist to sell 1 million albums in 2014. As per Swift, industry experts predicted she would move 650,000 copies in the first week, but she almost doubled that mark. According to "Billboard," she shot her way up to the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart with an astounding 1.287 million copies sold.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift '1989' World Tour Dates [FULL SCHEDULE]

Buzz 10:22AM EDT

Taylor Swift's pop reign will not be ending anytime soon. The "1989" singer just announced her next world tour, which will begin in May in Louisiana and carry through Halloween 2015. Vance Joy ("Riptide") and Shawn Mendes will be supporting acts, and fans with American Express cards will be able to secure tickets before they reach the general public. The tour promo video and dates are below, but make sure to check out our Junk Mail review of "1989" and "Saturday Night Live's" hilarious "Swiftamine" skit.READ MORE

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'SNL' Spoofs Loving Taylor Swift in Hilarious 'Swiftamine' Sketch [WATCH]

Buzz 19:39PM EDT

"Saturday Night Live" took aim at Taylor Swift last night, Nov. 1, but it was all in good fun. The comedy sketch show aired a segment that was set up like most commercials for over-the-counter medicines, "MTV News" noted. Cast members began to describe their history with vertigo and how, just recently, their affliction resurfaced. This time around, however, their symptoms were brought on by a surprise love affair with Taylor Swift's music. After hearing one of her new songs, the actors said they began to get dizzy, knowing all too well that they do not actually enjoy her music. "Yes you do, you friggin' love her," Dr. David Doctor says in the video below. "Over the last month, realizing that you love Taylor Swift has been the leading cause of vertigo in adults. That's why now, there's Swiftamine — a fast-acting antihistamine tablet that's pink and bubbly, just like Taylor herself."READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Says Her Fans Protected '1989' After Leaks: 'They Didn't Spoil The Secret'

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Taylor Swift is one of the fan friendliest artists in the game, and she re-asserted that reputation when she baked cookies for scores of supporters at secret listening sessions.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Claims That 'Boys Only Want Love if It's Torture'

Off-Key 12:25PM EDT

Taylor Swift has been everywhere promoting "1989," and while every track on the album is not a storyline ripped from her failed relationships, it seems she is still being asked about her thoughts on love every time she stops for an interview. While Swift has said repeatedly that she is — maybe wisely — taking a breather from looking for Mr. Right and focusing on the friends and family who are already worthy of her love, that does not mean she has not thought long and hard about the idea of romance. In fact, she thinks "boys only want love if it's torture."READ MORE

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Taylor Swift On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: ‘1989’ Singer Performs “Shake It Off” & “Out Of The Woods” [VIDEOS]

Buzz 09:59AM EDT

Last night, Los Angeles’ Hollywood Boulevard was COMPLETELY taken over by Taylor Swift. And we mean COMPLETELY. The 1989 singer made an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! for an interview and then a performance for over 15,000 fans. She took to the stage to singer her two latest singles, “Shake It Off” and “Out Of The Woods.”READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Doesn't Want People 'Threatened by Women Who Are Pretty and Charismatic'

Off-Key 10:00AM EDT

Taylor Swift has been doing a ton of press to promote her upcoming release, 1989 and in doing so she is giving fans a glimpse into her private thoughts on a variety of subjects. Instead of the blind-item lyrical assassination that we have all become accustomed to Swift is far more focused on the women in her life. In a recent interview with the Canadian magazine, Fashion, the 24-year old songstress claims that her girlfriends have had the strongest influence on her in the last year. She also is hell-bent on finding comfort in her own skin and not caring about how others' present themselves.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Throws Shade At Nashville By Claiming That Country Music Wasn't 'Challenging' Enough For Her In New Interview

Trending News 18:35PM EDT

Taylor Swift has kind of been everywhere recently promoting her upcoming album 1989 and doing all of the mandatory press that goes along with it. She is gracing the cover of British Vogue and in the issue's cover story Swift tackles the obligatory discussion about dating. She claims to be looking at her life realistically right now and seeing that a guy just doesn't fit into the picture at this point. Being likable has nothing to do with it. The fact that Swift brings a lot of baggage (and paparazzi) with her right now is less than fair to any decent guy so she claims to not even be looking for love.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Wears T-Shirt Inspired by Tumblr Meme About Herself

Genres 16:37PM EDT

The more famous someone gets, the more likely they are to become the butt of a million jokes across the Internet, so the best thing any celebrity can do about this is to play along.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift Hosts Secret ‘1989’ Listening Session For Lucky Fans [PHOTOS]

Trending News 14:34PM EDT

It’s been reported that Taylor Swift invited some fans over to her pad in Los Angeles this past weekend for a listening session of her upcoming album 1989.READ MORE

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Taylor Swift, ‘1989’: Singer Admits ‘Bad Blood’ Is About Female Artist Who Tried To Sabotage Her Career

Trending News 14:31PM EDT

Female relationships can be really difficult and usually Taylor Swift manages to stay above the fray. She is known for being a real girl's girl and takes a lot of pride in the fact that she has so many strong female friendships but that doesn't mean that all of the high school type drama that catty women can cause hasn't affected the young star. We're so used to her writing songs about failed romantic relationships that it's almost shocking to learn that the new song 'Bad Blood' off of Taylor's upcoming 1989 release is actually about a female enemy.READ MORE

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