November 23, 2017 / 8:46 PM

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Selena Gomez Next Movie Will Be By Woody Allen Along With Other Stars

Woody Allen is set to a new project after his film "Wonder Wheel." The still untitled film will star Selena Gomez and other Hollywood stars which will be released under Amazon Studios.

'Mozart in the Jungle' Author Blair Tindall Dishes on the Hit Amazon TV Series--Renewed for 2nd Season

'Mozart in the Jungle,' the hit TV series about love, ambition and jealousy backstage at the symphony, was recently renewed for a second season on Amazon Instant Video. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tindall about her book, the series, ...

UPDATE: 'Mozart in the Jungle' Will be Made into a Web Series, Amazon Studios Announces

'Mozart in the Jungle,' the dramatization of Blair Tindall's tell-all memoir about sex and drugs in the New York music scene, apparently struck a chord with viewers. Amazon Studios recently announced that the pilot will be made into a 10-episode ...

Amazon’s TV Pilot ‘Mozart in the Jungle,’ with Joshua Bell and Malcolm McDowell, Is a Tale of Sex, Drugs and…Classical Music?

Amazon Studios recently filmed a pilot episode of 'Mozart in the Jungle,' a proposed web video series that looks beyond classical music’s image of polished perfection to reveal behind-the-scenes stories full of sex, drama and political infighting.

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