Armin van Buuren: Not as flashy, but perhaps the best.

DJMag's Top 10 DJ's of The Past Five Years: Music Times Calculates for Dutch Domination (and Hardwell Doesn't Even Appear!)

Buzz 15:07PM EDT

Just to further up the controversy, Music Times asks not who was the best DJ in the last year, but who was was the best DJ of the last five years? Our formula wasn't too complicated...we just averaged the rankings of everyone featured on the DJMag Top 100 list in the last five years. That does cause some major issues for some contestants however. Hardwell has been no. 1 for the last two years but he didn't place during 2010, suggesting a rank of at leads 101, and thereby making his mean ranking skyrocket. The name of our game is consistency.READ MORE

Deadmau5 claims Disney approached him about

Deadmau5 Outlines His Side Of The Trademark Battle, Reveals Disney Wanted His Help With 75th Anniversary of 'Fantasia'

Buzz 10:05AM EDT

There wasn't always bad blood between media giant Disney and EDM star Deadmau5 - the artist recently revealed that he was in talks to help re-imagine the company's classic 1940 film Fantasia before things went wrong.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Greatest Hits Album '5 Years of Mau5' Hitting Stores In November

Genres 15:21PM EDT

Deadmau5 has been a household EDM name for less than a decade, but he's released enough early-career hits to justify a retrospective.READ MORE


Watch Video Of Deadmau5 Driving People For Uber

Trending News 19:01PM EDT

If his EDM career ever falls through, it looks like Deadmau5 has a solid backup career as an Uber driver.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Becomes Uber Driver In Toronto Just For Fun

Genres 21:04PM EDT

The performer used his new, $300,000 McLaren 650S to pick up people who needed a lift in Toronto using Uber last night.READ MORE


6 Artists Accused Of Copyright Infringement: Weezer, Led Zeppelin, And More

Exclusives 17:31PM EDT

Last week, news broke that electronic artist Deadmau5 was being sued by Disney over claims that his signature mouse helmet and logo are too similar to the Mickey Mouse silhouette logo. Deadmau5 is far from the only musician to have faced such legal trouble, however. Here are six more artists who have threatened with copyright infringement lawsuits (or lawsuits of a similar nature).READ MORE


Disney, Deadmau5 Trademark Feud Continues with New Statement from Mickey Mouse and Co.

Genres 15:51PM EDT

Don't mess with the mouse. Disney and Deadmau5 are in a battle for the trademark, and it seems as though the family-friendly media giant will not be backing down.READ MORE

DeadMau5 Logo

Deadmau5 Sends Cease-and-Desist at Disney Amid Dueling Legal Battle with Company; Site Uses Unlicensed Remix

Genres 10:33AM EDT

As Music Times previously reported, the Disney company is looking to essentially sink the Deadmau5 brand by alleging that the DJ has committed trademark infringement via his renowned stage mask, an electronic mouse head that vaguely resembles the company's Mickey Mouse head logo (we emphasize "vaguely"). Deadmau5 is looking to kill the suit where it stands by bringing his own cease-and-desist suit against Disney according to Rolling Stone.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Confronted By Disney With 'Notice Of Opposition' Over Logo

Genres 13:55PM EDT

As reported by Stitch Kingdom, the Walt Disney Company has filed a Notice of Opposition regarding Canadian electronic artist Deadmau5, whose signature mouse head helmet and logo is considered too similar to the company’s iconic Mickey Mouse logo. The notice was brought against Ronica Holdings Limited, who owns the trademark to Deadmau5’s logo, in an effort to prevent the DJ from successfully attaining a US trademark.READ MORE

Deadmau5: Beatport champion.

Beatport Lists Best-Selling Performers of Last Decade: Deadmau5 Dominates, Mark Knight and Martin Garrixx Competes

Genres 11:16AM EDT

Beatport has been selling music to the electronic dance community for ten years now and has kept track of all of its numbers in the process. The outlet, owned by SFX Entertainment, also holds perhaps the most revered charts within electronic music. Now, to mark its tenth year of existence, the site has compiled its Top 10's for best selling performers and most downloaded tracks of the last decade.READ MORE

Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Tiësto and Avicii Top Forbes Highest-Paid EDM Performers List

Genres 09:08AM EDT

Music Times caught Calvin Harris at Lollapalooza during the first weekend of August and noted that it seemed the DJ had invested his earning from last year-$46 million-into his elaborate and bright stage set. If our hypothesis that the size of his set directly reflects his earnings, next year's concerts will be off the charts: Harris topped Forbes' list of the highest earning electronic musicians for the second straight year, bringing a whopping $66 million over the last 12 months.READ MORE

Lana Del Rey lords over us.

Lana Del Rey and Sam Smith Clash for Top Spot on Billboard 200

Genres 12:03PM EDT

The last two weeks have featured a noticeable lack of new albums within the 200, debuting only three new records to the public (Led Zeppelin rereleases don't count). The last week of tracking reversed the trend in a big way however, bringing six new titles to the market.READ MORE

Proud Toronto EDM representative Deadmau5

Deadmau5 reveals title and release date for upcoming album

Trending News 13:56PM EDT

Deadmau5 has revealed the title and release date for his upcoming album. Titled while(1<2), pronounced as "while one is less than two," the effort is due out June 17 digitally and June 24 in physical and streaming format.READ MORE

Arcade Fire's Win Butler

Arcade Fire mocks deadmau5 with mouse head during St. Louis concert

Trending News 11:08AM EDT

Last week, deadmau5 took to Twitter to respond to a comment Win Butler made about EDM during his Coachella set. Butler gave a shout-out to "all the bands still playing actual instruments," and essentially slammed electronically produced music.READ MORE


deadmau5 responds to Arcade Fire's EDM diss, asking 'dafuqs yer problem?'

Genres 10:42AM EDT

Over the weekend, Arcade Fire's Win Butler took the time during his Coachella set to "shout-out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival,' therefore taking a jab at all the electronic artists who were also playing the festival. His sentiment is an over-argued accusation that electronic artists aren't actual musicians.READ MORE

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