deadmau5 Future Music Festival Brisbane 2014

See deadmau5's 20-Minute Live Edit of 'Strobe' Played at Guvernment Finale [WATCH]

Buzz 23:15PM EDT

Legendary Toronto music venue Guvernment opened its doors to customers and performers for the last time on Sunday night, Jan. 25 and the man to say farewell to the venue was fittingly Toronto native, deadmau5. Deadmau5 had been hyping up his set in the several weeks leading up to the occasion, noting the historic night and hinting at a few of the tricks he had up his sleeve for the night. One of the most talked about ideas from Joel Zimmerman was a 20-minute live edit of his beloved song "Strobe," which he would premiere at the venue.READ MORE

deadmau5 Future Music Festival Brisbane 2014

Deadmau5 Releases 'Spirit of Gumball' Recap Video Set to 'While (1<2)' [WATCH]

Buzz 20:51PM EDT

Over the summer, the rich and famous gathered for the Gumball 3000, a 7-day, 3,000 mile car rally featuring some of the nicest and gaudiest cars money can buy. Noted producer, DJ and car enthusiast, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5 joined the fun with his "purrari," the now stripped and sold bright blue Ferrari that had the pattern of the infamous internet meme, "Nyan Cat" painted on the side. The whole video is soundtracked by the sounds of his 25-track artist album released over the summer of 2014, While (1<2).READ MORE

deadmau5 Future Music Festival Brisbane 2014

deadmau5 Recording 20-Minute Live Edit of 'Strobe' for Guvernment Closing Party

Buzz 18:52PM EDT

Deadmau5 has some great new for his Canadian fans. He is recording a 20-minute long live edit of his classic track, "Strobe," for the final ever concert at legendary Toronto venue, Guvernment. The 2009 classic from his album, 'For Lack Of A Better Name,' remains one of the signature songs of deadmau5's storied discography and helped catapult him to the stardom he enjoys today, while also helping to define an era.READ MORE

Tomorrowland Walt Disney World

Disney Being Sued by Electronic Music Festival Tomorrowland Over Movie 'Tomorrowland'

Buzz 15:06PM EDT

The tables have turned on Disney. After starting its public and still-ongoing lawsuit with deadmau5 over what it deems to be using the likeness of Mickey Mouse, Disney is now on the other end of a trademark battle with electronic music festival Tomorrowland. The current dispute stems from a new movie Disney is releasing in 2015 titled "Tomorrowland," starring George Clooney and Hugh Laurie, and since the festival owns the rights to the name Tomorrowland in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the Disney film is being forced to make a name change to acquiesce with the trademark demands of ID&T, the promoter of Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland launched its first festival in 2005. This legal discord between Tomorrowland the festival and Disney has some history. Disney owns the rights to the term "Tomorrowland" in the United States, since it is a themed land in each of the five Disney parks around the world. When the festival Tomorrowland decided to make the move Stateside, Disney forced the festival to make a name change, so it became "TomorrowWorld." Trademark attorney Sharon Daboul told the "Belfast Telegraph": "Disney has a trademark registration in the USA for the term 'Tomorrowland,' dating back to 1970. With this registration, it was successfully able to prevent the music festival from calling itself Tomorrowland when it launched in the USA. However, the music festival has the rights to the term in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and has prevented Disney from using the name in these countries."READ MORE

Drake has everybody's backs.

Coachella 2015 VS Governors Ball 2015: Music Times Veers Between AC/DC, Deadmau5, East and West Coast for Festival Season

Buzz 14:58PM EDT

Is there any reason to compare the Coachella 2015 and Governors Ball 2015 lineups? Not really...they're months and thousands of miles apart. They're not competing for attendees. Yet we can't help but feel the two were locked in a battle for best lineup after releasing their respective offerings only a day apart. We compare and declare a victor.READ MORE


Governors Ball 2015: Drake, Deadmau5 and The Black Keys Top Lineup; Bjork and Florence + The Machine Also Set to Appear

Genres 08:58AM EDT

Governors Ball will once again be claiming Randall's Island in New York City for its fifth rendition and once again, the lineup is bigger than ever. The clear headliners are Drake, EDM figurehead Deadmau5 and rockers The Black Keys, all of whom will be making their first appearances at the festival. Other "sub-headliners" listed include Florence + The Machine, My Morning Jacket and Bjork.READ MORE

deadmau5 Future Music Festival Brisbane 2014

Hear Deadmau5' '5 Years Of Mau5' Guatemala Live Set [LISTEN]

Buzz 11:49AM EDT

We have been very lucky in these past few months because normally, deadmau5 live sets released onto the web are exceedingly rare. Some intrepid soul recorded his entire set with Eric Prydz at Hard Day of The Dead and then his set from The Knockdown Center in Queens, New York City was live streamed as part of the Honda Summer concert series to promote his 5 Years Of Mau5 compilation. Joel Zimmerman continues the touring in support of the two-disc remix compilation as he spent the New Year in Central and South America playing shows in Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Guatemala. His set in Guatemala was recorded and has been made available for fans on the internet.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Announces Remix Contest For Dillon Francis's Remix Of 'Some Chords' From '5 Years Of Mau5'

Buzz 15:05PM EDT

This one is a little meta, but bear with us -- it is deadmau5 and Dillon Francis, so anything is possible. Deadmau5's label, mau5trap is inviting producers to remix Dillon Francis's remix of deadmau5's classic 2010 track "Some Chords." The grand prize winner will take home a large pile of loot that includes a large stack of modular synth modules, some software, an official mau5trap release and other goodies. The remix contest ends on Jan. 19, 2015, so get your DAW open ASAP and get working on this remix for the chance to impress deadmau5 and his team.READ MORE

Iggy Azalea: Beef Magnet Of 2014

Biggest Beefs in Music of 2014: Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Deadmau5 & More

Exclusives 12:54PM EDT

Each year comes with it's fair share of beefs. With the help of social media, these feuds get played out online for the whole world to see, and 2014 sure had a lot of them. Check out the five biggest beefs of the year as well as a long list of honorable mentions. Let us know whom you sided with in the comments section below!READ MORE

deadmau5 at Future music Festival Brisbane 2014

deadmau5 Trolls Camera Wielding Fan In Uruguay On Twitter

Buzz 10:50AM EDT

As Azealia Banks is to twitter beef in hip-hop, deadmau5 is to twitter tolling (and sometimes beefs) in dance music. Life is much more interesting with them around, not to mention the quality music they have released. The "Strobe" producer is slated to play a gig tonight in Uruguay and as he was sitting down to some dinner, a fan in the same establishment decided to take a photo and post it to social media. Always aware of what his fans are tweeting about him, deadmau5 saw the picture and was a little unnerved by the picture, in turn taking a picture of the fan eating dinnerREAD MORE

The Prodigy Tease New Single 'Nasty' Release Date From Upcoming Album

Buzz 20:05PM EDT

U.K. electronic band The Prodigy appear to be breaking their studio silence at last and are ready to release some new music very soon. Very little information has emerged about the new album except that Liam Howlett was busy writing and recording, but sometime in the spring of 2015 the album was tentatively scheduled for release. Now they have provided more details about possible new music by teasing the cover art of their new single "Nasty Nasty" on Instagram. The song will apparently come out, according to the caption, sometime in January, though they will not reveal the exact date.READ MORE

Guvernment Closing Parties

Deadmau5, Armin van Buuren and Knife Party Announced for Guvernment Closing Parties

Buzz 15:37PM EDT

It is always a sad day when the last beat, chord and lyric is cried out at a legendary music venue before it shutters its doors. That is the fate facing longstanding Toronto venue Guvernment after an announcement in May that the 18-year-old venue would hold its last show this January. The venue has announced who will be playing the final week of shows, including a fitting send-off for the venue. Longtime New York City DJ Danny Tenaglia will headline Saturday, Jan. 10, Cosmic Gate will headline Saturday, Jan. 17, and Armin van Buuren and Knife Party will headline back-to back weekends Friday, Jan. 23, and Saturday, Jan. 24. As reported by Dancing Astronaut, the send-off party Jan. 31 will fittingly feature Toronto native deadmau5. He has promised to leave the final hour of Guvernment to its longtime resident Matt Oliver, but until that point, the "Strobe" producer will command the last night for the Toronto venue. The venue has seen just about every big name in dance music, rock and pop come through its doors, and has been a staple of the Toronto dance music scene and nightlife and pivotal to Canadian electronic music. Just a few of the electronic acts to grace the decks at Guvernment have been Avicii, Armin van Buuren, deadmau5, Tiësto, Deep Dish, David Guetta, Hardwell, Steve Angello and more.READ MORE

deadmau5 at Future music Festival Brisbane 2014

deadmau5 Returns To Soundcloud With '432' [LISTEN]

Buzz 11:53AM EDT

There was been a lively debate among producers and engineers on social media and forums over the different between 440 Hz and 432 Hz sound waves. Does one sound better over another? For the vast majority of the population, this is largely irrelevant and could not be farther out of their scope of understanding. However, Joel Zimmerman, known professionally as deadmau5, the technologist and skilled producer and internet troll knows the insides and outsides of the debate and decided to make light of the whole debate with a joking experiment of his own that he uploaded to his soundcloud.READ MORE

deadmau5 selfie

deadmau5 Returns Disposable Camera Sent By Fan With Amazing Pictures

Buzz 09:33AM EDT

Deadmau5 can be a bit of a Grinch sometimes, but when it comes to his fans he is always Santa Claus. In strange turn of events a fan decided to do something creative and bold and send deadmau5 a disposable camera to see what would happen. Deadmau5 posted the new address for his compound outside of Toronto a little while back and has probably been receiving loads of fan mail, but this was an opportunity he could not pass up on.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Responds To Krewella 'Hate Speech' Op-Ed With More Hate Speech

Buzz 13:50PM EDT

When Krewella singer Jahan Yousaf penned an op-ed for Billboard that sarcastically concluded Deadmau5 saved Yousaf and her sister, Yasmine, from “doing porn,” you knew mau5 (real name: Joel Thomas Zimmerman) would swing back with a vengeance.READ MORE

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