Deadmau5 Offers '> album title goes here <' For Free On Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is nearly over, but that does not mean your shopping has to be finished. Joel Zimmerman, better known to the world as Deadmau5, has offered up his Grammy-nominated album > album title goes here < on Google Play for the monstrous price tag of $0. The 2012 album featured a wide variety of collaborations for deadmau5, including with My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, Imogen Heap and a change in direction on the track together with Cypress Hill titled "Failbait".READ MORE

Deadmau5 5 years Of Mau5 Cover Art

Deadmau5 Releases '5 Years Of Mau5' EP Featuring Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis & Others [REVIEW]

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The 5 Years Of Mau5 compilation was ambitious. It took the best deadmau5 tracks from the past five years, put them on one CD and then added a second CD remixing those tracks. He tabs some of the most promising producers in the field of dance like Madeon, Eric Prydz, Dillon Francis, Botnek and others. The compilation features some previously remixed deadmau5 tracks that had caught his ear in the past, but it is primarily comprised of new music.READ MORE

Proud Toronto EDM representative Deadmau5

Unreleased Deadmau5 Song Surfaces on Internet

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It is always a good day when you hear some new deadmau5. It is even more special when that track is unreleased and may never see the light of day. Before he opened the doors on his new suckscription — subscription — service, he used to host live Ustream events where he would show how he was making music, interact with fans and sometimes play new material. This track is one of those to emerge from those many late-night Ustream sessions driven by cigarettes and Coca-Cola. Reminiscent of his new tune "Pets" from his latest studio album "while 1<2," deadmau5 creates a soothing, ambient soundscape that reminds us why we love the Canadian producer's music. It is speculated that this track could be an early version of "Pets" or could have become redundant once the time came to finalize the tracklist for the album. Deadmau5 shared the song on his Twitter, acknowledging the unreleased track and giving his fans the opportunity to listen, via "In the Mix." There have been plenty of other unreleased tracks teased by deadmau5 via his Ustream sessions and his subscription service, like "Bleed" and "HR Cephai." Do not expect that trend to change, as he is back home for the remainder of 2014 and gearing up for a massive Entropy world tour in 2015.READ MORE

Krewella Coachella 2014

Krewella File Counterclaim, To Speak Out at 5 p.m. PST; deadmau5 Responds

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After breaking their silence on Facebook with a cryptic message telling their fans to "Say Goodbye," Krewella have brought the fight back to the courtroom with a lawsuit of their own against Kris Trindl, the former third member of the group. Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf, the sister duo who remain in Krewella, have alleged in their counterclaim that Trindl's allegations are baseless and look to show he was not integral to the group, prompting deadmau5 to respond. First reported by "The Hollywood Reporter," the claims filed in Los Angeles court detail close to two years of alleged negligent behavior that look to paint him as someone unable and unwilling to do the work required for Krewella. The 22-page court document recounts a period overt the past two years where Trindl was largely absent from studio sessions and unable to DJ because he was either too intoxicated or simply had not learned how to. As the court documents state, "While on stage, Kris would generally stand to the side of Jahan and Yasmine and pump his arms, while pretending to DJ; he was onstage primarily for the sake of image. Because Kris did not know how to DJ, he only had two effect buttons." The counterclaim also alleges that Trindl, producer for the group, actually did little producing on their artist album "Get Wet" and only wholly contributed to one song, though he received producing credits on all the tracks. The two lawsuits agree on the fact that Trindl had a substance abuse problem, but the Yousaf sisters tell a different story with how he received help. The counterclaim portrays him as uncooperative with attempts by Jahan and Yasmine to give him help with his alcohol addiction. The sisters will be speaking out today at 5 p.m. PST to give their side of the story during a live stream event on Twitch. In addition to the counterclaim filed in L.A. court, we will see what they have to say on the lawsuit, giving the situation a more human touch. They also may comment on upcoming releases and give some clarity to their "Say Goodbye" photo. Deadmau5, who has been quite vocal about this whole situation, took to his favorite medium of communication — Twitter — to share his thoughts on the situation.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Building 45,000 Square-Foot Studio Complex for "Actual Musicians," Following in the Steps of Skrillex

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Deadmau5 recently bought a huge mansion for $5 million, and it looks like he's going to follow that purchase up with another landmark investment. According to a tweet by the EDM star, aka Joel Zimmerman, he's putting money down for a 45,000 square-foot studio complex for "actual musicians."READ MORE


Watch deadmau5' Set From The '5 Years Of Mau5' Performance With Honda [WATCH]

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Honda and Live Nation as part of the Honda Summer Conert Series was able to get superstar DJ deadmau5 to come and play a show. The set was played to a packed crowd of lucky winners at The Knockdown Center in Queens, NY who were able to enter the giveaway quickly to see deadmau5 for free. That set was also streamed online to thousands of viewers and someone was kind enough to post the set online for everyone to view and listen.READ MORE

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Named 'Best New Female DJ of the Year' at NRJ DJ Awards; Deadmau5 Responds

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The votes are in and, according to some, or to many, Paris Hilton is the Best New Female DJ in the world. She has been given this title by the NRJ DJ Awards, an award show done by French radio station NRJ, according to Dancing Astronaut. The award show started in 2012 and takes place each fall in Monaco. The station also just celebrated the 15th year of its original music awards show, The NRJ Music Awards, in conjunction with TF1, one of the major French-government-owned TV networks. Voted by fans, Hilton has found herself on top of the game in France. The award show also gave out plaudits to Steve Aoki for Producer of the Year, David Guetta for Best French DJ of the Year, Avicii for Album of the Year for "True" and Best Male International DJ, Martin Garrix for Best Live Performance and Club Hit of the Year with "Animals" and DJ Oriska for Best Female DJ of the Year. With Hilton's popularity and polarizing nature in dance music, she might soon be topping that poll, though deadmau5 has an opinion on that.READ MORE


Skrillex Talks Dating Ellie Goulding, Relationship With Deadmau5 And Defends EDM On Howard Stern

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Skrillex went on Howard Stern this morning and had a nice chat with the famous Sirius XM host. They have a nice discussion on whether or not dance music is taken seriously, Skrillex's romantic life, his relationship with deadmau5 and much more.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Reveals Full Tracklist for '5 Years of Mau5' Compilation

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With such a long and illustrious discography, choosing a quasi "best of" compilation for Canadian producer/DJ deadmau5 is a near impossible task. But for the five-year anniversary of his imprint, mau5trap, deadmau5 has decided to release a compilation titled "5 Years of Mau5," with some of his best tracks, in addition to some remixes, new and old, by quality artists across dance music. Now the full tracklist has been released, according to Dancing Astronaut, revealing the full spread of tracks that have been included in the LP and the artists who have been chosen to remix his tracks. In recent weeks, details have emerged about new remixes by Dillon Francis for a remix of "Some Chords," while some others are familiar to deadmau5 fans, like Eric Prydz's progressive take on "The Veldt" and Nero's spin on "Ghosts n' Stuff."READ MORE


Listen to Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz's Set from Hard Day of the Dead [LISTEN]

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The newfound partnership between kings of the progressive deadmau5 and Eric Prydz took a new step forward this past weekend. At Gary Richard's Hard Day of the Dead, the two hosted their own stage with a selection of hand-picked artists and then closed out the night with a rare, two-hour, back-to-back set. Some intrepid soul was kind enough to sacrifice their own experience for the benefit of everyone by recording the whole thing and then putting it on YouTube. Taking place at the Pomona Fairplex over Halloween weekend — Saturday, Nov. 1, and Sunday, Nov. 2 — Prydz and deadmau5 hosted their own Mau5ville stage. The name "Mau5ville" is the convenient combination of their two labels: "Mau5trap" for deadmau5 and "Mouseville" for Prydz. They brought on some friends, including Eekkoo, Jeremy Olander, Alesia and the mysterious and much-hyped ZHU with them Saturday.READ MORE


Deadmau5 to Livestream Free Show in NYC

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Deadmau5 has teamed up with Honda to be a part of his free live concert series Nov. 11 to celebrate his new album "Five Years of Mau5." The concert will take place at the Knockdown Center in Queens. According to EDMTunes, the guest list for the show — not surprisingly — filled up in minutes, as one might expect with a free deadmau5 show in the New York City area. The show will be livestreamed on Honda's YouTube channel, so make sure you are tuned in for the start of the show. Deadmau5 is a noted car enthusiast who likes to show off to his fans his various pricey toys, which have included Lamborghinis, a McLaren and most famously the Purrari that had the artwork of Nyan cat painted on the side. He also participated in the famous Gumball Rally, a high-speed car expo where the rich and famous race their cars for a total of 3000 miles, sometimes over two continents. He has also started a video series on YouTube where he interviews fellow disc jockeys and other interesting people, like Toronto mayor Rob Ford, as they go out and grab a coffee at Tim Hortons.READ MORE


(RED) & Avicii Flying Out Fans To Celebrate 'Ultimate Year In Music'

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As World AIDS Day approaches on December 1, (RED) looks to pair its mission with influential artists across the music space. It has already teamed up with deadmau5 to give away a chance to hang out with the artist and get a custom made mau5head, so now it seems logical for the organization to work with Swedish superstar Avicii.READ MORE


Coca-Cola and (RED) Offering Prize of a Lifetime with Deadmau5

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Deadmau5 is often viewed as callous and cold due to his at-times rough remarks aimed at other disc jockeys, but behind that tough exterior is a kind soul who is prepared to share his kindness with the world. With World AIDS Day right around the corner on Dec. 1, (RED) is ramping up its public awareness campaign for the day and is using deadmau5 to target the younger demographic. In partnering with Coca-Cola, (RED) and deadmau5 will be offering the prize of a lifetime for one lucky fan to hang out with deadmau5 and have a custom mau5head made for them, according to Dancing Astronaut. This is not the first time deadmau5 has worked with (RED). He contributed the "dance (RED) saves lives" album in 2013 with his hit single "The Veldt." As part of that soft interior, he has also worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation recently to take a kid out to dinner and bring him on stage during a performance.READ MORE

Proud Toronto EDM representative Deadmau5

Deadmau5 Says He Would Perform with Paris Hilton for $2 Million

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Continuing his one-sided beef with Paris Hilton over her disc jockey career, Canadian producer/DJ deadmau5 has decided to extend a tentative olive branch to the hotel heiress by saying he would perform alongside her for a cool $2 million. TMZ approached deadmau5 outside Mel’s with a kid he had been working with for The Make-A-Wish Foundation, who he had brought on stage the previous night to help with his show, and asked the producer a question about performing with Paris. He answered with a hint of sarcasm that he would play with her for $2 million.READ MORE


Deadmau5 Bashes Paris Hilton, Calls Her Presence In EDM 'Insulting'

Buzz 17:31PM EDT

Deadmau5 isn't too stoked about Paris Hilton's new gig as a DJ.READ MORE

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