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Thanksgiving Day Music Playlist: stuff your face while stuffing your ears with these eight Turkey Day songs [LISTEN]

Exclusives 21:46PM EDT

Thanksgiving is, unfortunately, the holiday that most often gets swept under the rug. Nuzzled in between the Hallmark behemoths that are Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving by and large got the pass when it comes to traditional holiday carols. Though there are plenty of songs that capture the spirit of being with family or stuffing your face with ridiculous amounts of food, songs purely for Turkey Day are few and far between.READ MORE

Tay Allyn - 'Mass Text' [VIDEO]: New Singer's Music Compared to Jessica Black's 'Friday,' Is This the 'Worst Song of 2013'? Twitter Reacts

Genres 17:00PM EDT

Did we finally find that unique song that is so bad that we can't stop listening to it for 2013? The phenomenon that started with Rebecca Black's "Friday" and continued with Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" has perhaps returned...READ MORE

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