Paramore Embarking on Second Parahoy! Festival at Sea In 2016

Buzz 16:42PM EDT

For the second time ever, Paramore will set sail for the Parahoy! Festival at Sea in 2016. The aquatic concert will commence March 5 to March 9 and make stops around the globe from Miami to Mexico. Paramore is confirmed to give two performances while the rest of the line-up is in the works.READ MORE

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams Inspired By Beyoncé, Talks Other Strong Female Influences

Buzz 20:14PM EDT

Hayley Williams is one of few women in the contemporary rock genre who can claim national prominence. Much of that is due to Paramore's recent pop hit "Ain't It Fun," but Williams and pals have been slowly building an impressive discography and ravenous following since 2004.READ MORE


Paramore Cruise Parahoy to Set Sail in March 2014 with Tegan and Sara: 'Still Into You' Band Books 4-Day Trek to Bahamas [VIDEO]

Genres 23:28PM EDT

Get ready to set sails, pop-rock fans! "Still Into You" band Paramore announced yesterday (Aug. 22) that they will be the latest band to set off on their own cruise. Cleverly titled, Parahoy will hit the seas from March 7-11, 2014...READ MORE

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