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Linsey Godfrey - Twitter

Soap Star Linsey Godfrey Gravely Injured After Being Run Over by a Car in L.A.

Off-Key 15:39PM EDT

Freak accidents can be scary, and no one knows that better than soap star Lindey Godfrey today, Feb. 3. The actress, who portrays Caroline Spencer on "The Bold and the Beautiful" was walking in L.A. yesterday, Feb. 2, when a car careened onto the sidewalk after first hitting another car. The vehicle not only injured Godfrey, but she was pinned beneath the car until a bystander helped to get her out of the wreckage.READ MORE

Corey Sligh - Instagram

'Y&R' Actor Corey Sligh Beaten After Purposely Being Hit By a Car on Thanksgiving

Off-Key 15:21PM EDT

This past Thanksgiving is likely one Corey Sligh will never forget. The actor, who has popped up on "The Young and the Restless" in various roles, stopped at a Rite Aid drug store in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Alisa Berhorst, and one comment lead to a violent altercation, according to "The Hollywood Reporter." The couple was originally making a quick stop before going to help feed those who were less privileged when a car in the parking lot was hopping curbs and doing donuts. Sligh noticed that the two men inside the vehicle were narrowly missing hitting people, and he suggested that they slow down. Instead of doing that, they purposely hit Sligh with the car and then got out and beat him! The men eventually sped off, but later crashed the car and were arrested by police. Sligh is still hospitalized at Cedars Sinai, where he will stay for at least a few more days. He reached out to fans via his Instagram, saying: "Hey kids, went to feed some people last night who don't have blessed thanksgivings and along the way got struck by a drunk driver! Have a surgery to go and another couple days in the hospital but should be fine soon! Thankful to still be on this great planet! Love y'all!"READ MORE

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