March 18, 2019 / 8:35 PM

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Dave Grohl: Lorde's 'Royals' Is a 'Revolution in a Sea of Bulls--t,' Foo Fighters Frontman Slams Pop Music



Dave Grohl established that he was a fan of Lorde earlier this year, and he even invited the New Zealand singer to perform with Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April. The Foo Fighters frontman continued to praise the singer-songwriter in a new interview, especially her Pure Heroine hit "Royals."

In an interview with the Red Bulletin, Grohl talked about why he and Krist Novoselic chose to perform with female lead vocalists for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance.

"Because Kurt was a feminist," he said about the band's deceased leader, Kurt Cobain. "And someone suggested Joan Jett. I mean, Joan Jett, she's the first lady of rock 'n' roll. She's the one. Then it was like, 'What about Kim Gordon?' She and Kurt were great friends, they loved each other and Sonic Youth were our heroes. 'Yeah, let's get Kim.'"

"Lorde was my idea," he added about the pop singer who performed "All Apologies" with the band. "Her song 'Royals' is its own little revolution in the sea of bulls--t."

Grohl went on to call today's pop music "superficial" and "devoid of meaning."

"I'm not just saying that as a 45-year-old rock musician, I'm saying that as a human being," he said. "If the No. 1 song is about your butt, that's a problem. So when I heard 'Royals' in the middle of all these other songs, I thought, 'Thank God! Someone's singing something that actually has a little bit of something.'"

The singer also shared his thoughts of EDM, saying it was not for him: "Artists like Suicide or Atari Teenage Riot have been doing it for decades and are still doing it way better."

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