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Cailey Lindberg

Azealia Banks Reportedly Assaulted by Russell Crowe in Hotel Fight, Files Police Report

Azealia Banks was reportedly assaulted by Russell Crowe in a hotel fight on Sunday evening (Oct. 16) and has since filed a police report. The incident reportedly occurred at a Beverly Hills hotel and Banks first responded by going to the Beverly ...

Lady Gaga Speaks Out Against Donald Trump: "I Applaud These Women"

Lady Gaga has joined the chorus of those in the music industry who have spoken out against Trump, saying that she “applauds” women who come forward with rape allegations. The singer has personal experience in the matter, as she was raped at 19.

Lil Jon Separates Himself from Donald Trump Following 2013 Appearance on 'The Apprentice'

Lil Jon separates himself from Trump following an appearance on 'The Apprentice' back in 2013. The rapper appeared on the 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' version of the show, and wore an Uncle Sam costume as part of a promotional challenge.

Billy Corgan Suing Pro Wrestling Company, Lawsuit Sealed

Billy Corgan is suing pro wrestling company TNA and it’s parent company Impact Ventures, which had listed the rocker at it’s president earlier in 2016. The lawsuit remains sealed and there is a lot of mystery surrounding it.

Coolio Charged with Felony Firearm Possession Following Arrest at LAX

Coolio has been charged with felony firearm possession following an arrest at LAX this past month.

Foo Fighters Lawsuit Against Insurance Companies for Cancelled Gigs Dismissed

The Foo Fighters have settled their lawsuit against insurance companies Lloyds of London and Robertson Taylor following cancelled gigs after the Paris Attacks.

Kesha Ordered to Release Her Medical Records in Dr. Luke Case

Kesha has been ordered to release her medical records in the Dr. Luke case as part of the ongoing legal battle with her former producer. The “True Colors” singer accused the producer (real name Lukasz Gottwald) of raping her back in 2014 and her ...

Jay Z, Kanye West & Frank Ocean Did Not Steal "Made in America" Court Rules

A court has ruled that Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean did not steal “Made in America.” The three were sued by New York based musician Joel McDonald back in 2014, and claimed that the song was a carbon copy of his song that held the same name, ...

Azealia Banks No Longer a Trump Supporter, Signs Record Deal with RZA of Wu-Tang Clan

Following a widely publicized endorsement of the controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump, Azealia Banks is says that she is no longer a supporter. Her career also appears to be on an upswing, as she just signed a record deal with RZA of ...

Demi Lovato Trashes Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Music Video for Tearing Down Katy Perry

Demi Lovato recently trashed Taylor Swift and her “Bad Blood” music video for tearing down Katy Perry in a recent interview, and ignited controversy on the Internet in the process.

Lana Del Rey Encourages Fans to Vote in 2016 Presidential Election

Lana Del Rey is encouraging her younger fans to vote in the 2016 Presidential election between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The singer posted a video to Instagram about a week ago to express how important the election is to her.

Taylor Swift to Headline Pre-Super Bowl Concert Following Deal with AT&T

Taylor Swift is slated to headline a pre-Super Bowl concert following a deal with AT&T. The deal signed with the telecoms company will place Swift at the forefront of their artist roster for years. The partnership between the two will incorporate ...

Gun Case Against Chris Brown Reportedly Not Moving Forward

The gun case against Chris Brown is reportedly not moving forward. This past August, Brown had been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after he reportedly threatened Miss California winner Baylee Curran with a gun.

Lady Gaga To Perform at Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show

After dropping her latest single “Perfect Illusion” with accompanying music video, Lady Gaga confirmed that she will be performing at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. The singer herself confirmed the news on Twitter this past Thursday (Sept. ...

Pharma Bro Martin Shrekli Auctioning Off a Chance to Punch Him in the Face on Ebay

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is actually auctioning off a chance to punch him in the face on Ebay, and people are already jumping at the opportunity.

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