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Aaron Carter Encounters Car Accident, Shares Details To Fans

Aaron Carter gets involved in a car accident Monday night and updates his followers on Twitter thereafter. The pop artist is currently at his home and getting well for his upcoming concert this week.

'Kick-Ass' Star Chloe Grace Moretz Admits Crush On Aaron Carter and Gets A Date From Him

A simple interview turned out for real when Chloe Grace Moretz was asked out on a date with her childhood crush Aaron Carter. Carter reached out to Moretz through twitter and admits his mutual feelings for her.

Former Child Star Aaron Carter Reportedly Afflicted with 'Stress Eating Disorder'

Former child star Aaron Carter is reportedly suffering from a “stress eating disorder” according to some impassioned Facebook posts. According to Carter the medical issue is called a “hiatal hernia.” A hiatal hernia is when the upper part of ...

Aaron Carter Has Message for Justin Bieber, Claims Being Bullied Over Donald Trump Support

You probably remember Aaron Carter, not just as the younger brother of the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter, but also as a teen pop star in the 1990s just like Justin Bieber. With that, Carter has a message for Bieber and also expressed his support for ...

Deadmau5 Challenges Aaron Carter to Video Game Battle After Remix Rip Off

Deadmau5, the moniker of Canadian progressive-house producer Joel Zimmerman, challenged Aaron Carter to a video game battle after the American popstar uploaded a trap-ish remix-of sorts of Zimmerman's 2012 glitchy track, "The Veldt."

Hilary Duff Hates Talking About Aaron Carter's Obsession with Her, Says He Needs to 'Move On'

Hilary Duff seems to be one of the few stars who has managed to cross over from being a child star into adulthood without suffering a major meltdown on a worldwide scale. No arrests or naked photo scandal, but she has gained a husband and a son in ...

Aaron Carter Admits He Needs to 'Shut Up' About His Love for Hilary Duff

A few months ago, former teen star Aaron Carter made headlines when he professed his undying love for singer/actress Hilary Duff, whom he dated over 11 years ago. Now, after Duff publicly rebuked Carter’s comments in an interview with Buzzfeed, ...

Hilary Duff Confused By Aaron Carter's Confessions Of Love Over Twitter

During a recent interview with Buzzfeed, former Lizzie McGuire star and occasional pop singer Hilary Duff finally addressed the series of tweets sent out by her ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter over the last few months, in which the early '00s pop star ...

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