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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Featured in New Theory of a Deadman Video for 'Savages' [WATCH]

Canadian rock outfit Theory of a Deadman scored one devilishly good cameo for their music video for "Savages" in the form of Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper Says Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie Are 'Derivative' And Credits Katy Perry For Keeping Rock Shows Alive

"Marilyn and I are good friends now; we've toured together," Alice Cooper said. "If you look at his show, it is nothing like my show. He has his own style of grotesque. Rob Zombie is probably closer to Alice Cooper because it is more of an ...

6 Bands Named After Their Lead Singer: Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Sade and More

When a musician decides to use their own name for the name of their band, there is usually some attempt to separate their individual identity from the band as a unit: Dave Matthews is the singer of the Dave Matthews Band, Glenn Danzig is the singer ...

Alice Cooper Talks 'Eleanor Rigby' Cover from 'The Art of McCartney' Tribute Album [WATCH]

On his cover of The Beatles's violin-heavy tune "Eleanor Rigby," shock-rocker Alice Cooper does a straightforward version of the song, which will be included on the tribute album "The Art of McCartney."

'Art of McCartney' Tribute Album Features Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, Willie Nelson, And More: Watch The Cure's Take On 'Hello Goodbye'

Paul McCartney has established himself as one of the most influential songwriters of all time. Now the former Beatle is being recognized by his industry peers with a tribute compilation called The Art of Paul McCartney, which features covers of songs ...

7 Artists Who Released Music In Bizarre Packaging: Led Zeppelin, The Flaming Lips, And More

When an artist releases an album on a record or CD, it's just going to be placed on a shelf with thousands of other releases that look just like it. These seven artists shook things up by releasing music in totally bizarre packaging.

7 Musicians Who Should Get Their Own Sitcoms: Nicki Minaj, Dave Grohl, And More

With the news that Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, of all people, will be developing his own sitcom on Fox, we started thinking about some other famous musicians who should also get their own sitcoms. Here are seven musicians who we think would do a pretty ...

Dick Wagner: Famed Reed, Cooper Guitarist Dead At 71

Famed guitarist Dick Wagner died of respiratory failure this morning in Scottsdale, Ariz. at 71 years old today.

Seven Hilarious Movie Cameos by Musicians: David Bowie, The Wu-Tang Clan, and more

A well-placed cameo appearance in a film can be a lot of fun, but there’s nothing really surprising about seeing an actor appear as themselves, since you’ve already seen them in movies a hundred times. The most interesting cameos are by ...

Nas, Alice Cooper, and Bob Weir will be stars of Tribeca Film Festival music documentaries

A number of promising music documentaries will appear at this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

Record Store Day 2014: announced releases so far, and noticeable Trends

Record Store Day's website hasn't released an official list yet, but fortunately there are dedicated souls have been combing the internet and compiling a list based on previously announced exclusives. We looked over what they found and noticed some ...

Mumford and Sons: 'An Offense To Rock 'n' Roll" According To Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper didn't go as far as to say he didn't like Mumford and Sons, but he definitely established his opinion on bands that dabble in folk rock and acoustic guitars. He told Fuse that describing Mumford as rock 'n' roll would be "an offense to ...

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