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Dean Sheremet, LeAnn Rimes's Ex, Is Rumored to Be Writing a Tell-All Book

Off-Key 16:51PM EDT

What would be worse for LeAnn Rimes than all the things Brandi Glanville has told the press about her? Probably if her first husband Dean Sheremet decided to actually talk about the way their marriage really ended. Remember: Rimes was sleeping with Eddie Cibrian, who was married to Glanville at the time. Both couples ended their marriages and Rimes is now married to Cibrian, and you know what a mess it had to be behind the scenes, right? Well, Sheremet has never said much and moved on with his life, but rumor has it there is a tell-all book in the works.READ MORE

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New Book Claims that John F. Kennedy Jr. Had an Affair with a Married Woman that Jackie Kennedy Hated: Madonna

Off-Key 16:10PM EDT

It is kind of hard to believe that it has been 15 years since John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane flew off course, resorting in a crash landing that killed himself, his wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bessette. More often than not, when JFK Jr. is discussed it is in connection to his fiery marriage or his thriving career before his death. It is almost easy to forget about how popular and active he was before he settled into the role of being a responsible, married man. A new book, "The Good Son: JFK Jr. and the Mother He Loved" by Christopher Andersen, is about to remind fans of the Kennedys what JFK Jr.'s earlier years were like, and it takes a close look at his relationship with Jackie Kennedy through the years. One semi-surprise Andersen reveals is JFK Jr.'s romance with Madonna and the lousy job the two did of keeping it under wraps while she was still married to Sean Penn. Jackie Kennedy was no fan of Madonna either, as she reminded her of Marilyn Monroe.READ MORE

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New 'Studio 54' Book About Iconic Club's Dark Side Coming From Former Owner Mark Fleischman

Off-Key 13:09PM EDT

Studio 54 is by far one of the most famous nightclubs ever to exist. Co-Owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager were at the helm from 1977-1981 when they both spent time in prison for tax evasion. In 1981 Mark Fleischman bought the club and it continued to be known as New York City's hot spot for debauchery and crazy drug use. The stories have been epic for decades and Fleischman is currently working on a book that will take readers' inside the club that for years was completely off limits to anyone that didn't have connections to get them through the front doors.READ MORE

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'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Causes Women To Seek Out Abusive Relationships According To New Study

Off-Key 17:10PM EDT

We already know that Fifty Shades of Grey pushes some boundaries that aren't exactly everyone's' cup of tea but could the series written by EL James actually be hazardous to your health? Well that is what a study completed by Michigan State University seems to claim. According to the study researchers claim that women who have read the EL James series are far more likely to find themselves in harmful situations.READ MORE

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Mary-Louise Parker Writing Innovative Letters To Her Exes In New Memoir 'Dear Mr. You'

News 14:25PM EDT

Memoirs can be so boring, don't you think? Especially if a celeb is penning one. Generally their fans will buy the book but it's loaded with a bunch of details that have already appeared in other places. You've got to be really creative to come up with a great idea to tell your own life story and it looks like Mary-Louise Parker has done exactly that. Instead of dishing the dirty details and handing readers' a few buried secrets she is instead going to release a book of letters written to the men who have mattered the most to her.READ MORE

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New Tell-All Book Dishes Dirt on Katie Couric's Mean Girl Antics Toward Ann Curry on 'The Today Show'

News 15:17PM EDT

Remember when Katie Couric was on The Today Show and she was kind of marketed as the girl next door? She was cute, perky and sweet — or at least that is what they wanted us to believe.READ MORE

Morrissey Autobiography Attracts Critics and Fans of The Smiths

Trending News 12:11PM EDT

Morrissey has released an autobiography in the UK, fittingly named "Autobiography." The Associated Press reports it has already topped the UK Amazon charts since coming out yesterday, which has some literary critics in a huff. This marks the first rock memoir released with Penguin Classics, a publisher that some would say is strictly reserved for, well, classics. But in the world of rock music, Morrissey is an innovator turned classic at the mere age of 54. From frontman of The Smiths to solo artist, he has continued to make his mark on music and kept the media on its toes.READ MORE

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Courtney Love New Music: Hole Frontwoman Teases 'California' and 'Wedding Day' Lyrics on Facebook, Songs to be Released Alongside Memoir

Genres 17:34PM EDT

The idea of Christmastime just got a little warmer today (July 18). "America's Sweetheart" Courtney Love revealed on her Facebook page that she plans to release two new songs before the end of the year. The Hole frontwoman announced...READ MORE

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