Halsey has been one of the successful musicians of this generation. After starting her career in the mid-2010s with her critically-acclaimed album "Bandlands," the singer amassed many fans and nods from critics. However, the hitmaker recently said being a musician is boring for her now; what happened?

According to Daily Mail UK, the rapper said the phrase "being a musician seem pretty boring" refers to her motherhood as she's doing many things now.

Halsey gave birth to her first child named Ender in July. Since then, things have changed primarily on her schedule as she needs to juggle her work as a chart-topping singer and a mom.

In an interview with Billboard, the singer, who prefers "she/they" pronouns, talked about her latest album, "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power."

"I'm glad we got to make this album when we did because being a mother to my son makes being a musician seem pretty boring." they said.

Halsey went on to discuss that ever since the arrival of her son, "something really amazing happened" to them, and she considers it as the "death" of her ego.

"Nothing matters when I go home to him, he thinks I'm perfect and great and everything." the "New Americana" hitmaker said.

Ender Riley was born on July 14, 2021. Halsey shares her son with partner Alev Aydin.

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How Motherhood Changed Halsey

In a tweet posted earlier this month, the singer described to fans how motherhood had changed her life.

They mentioned that they feel guilty for working and also feel guilty when they're not working.

"I'm terrified I'll always struggle to live up to my own expectations. But I have also experienced love unlike any other and have finally learned how to ask for help and admit when I'm lonely or in need." Halsey said. (via People Magazine)

Halsey Treated Like a Teen Mom

In an interview with Zane Lowe, Halsey mentioned that she felt so full of gratitude after giving birth to her son, and she also said that there are a few hurdles along the way of being a mother.

She revealed that she got treated like a "teen mom" several times because people kept on commenting on how young she is, how much work she's still doing with her career, and she's still not married.

The criticism made her shameful.

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