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'Empire' Recap Episode 6: Hakeem Comes Home, Cookie's New Man Has a Secret

On Wednesday (Nov. 4), Empire returned to its regularly scheduled time and this week's episode certainly made up for lost time. In episode 6, Hakeem, who was kidnapped before the brief hiatus, comes home and it is revealed that Cookie's new man has a ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Knockout Rounds End with Big Pharrell Steal

The knockout rounds of The Voice came to a close on Monday night (Nov. 2) after just three (long) episodes. For the final episode of this installment, you would think that the show would really pull out the big guns with some of the best performances ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap and Review: Knockouts Round 2 Continue to Bring Out the Best

The Voice season 9 is halfway through its knockout rounds, with shockingly amazing guest mentor Rihanna, and the contestants keep pushing themselves to new highs. On Tuesday night (Oct. 27), we got three more battles courtesy of Team Gwen Stefani, ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Rihanna Mentors Knockout Rounds and Frontrunners Go Home

The Voice season 9 is now in knockout rounds, and the show ushered in its latest segment with some, well, knockout performances and a knockout guest mentor. Rihanna is on episode one of her four-stint residency on the show, and while some may have ...

'Empire' Recap, Episode 5: Lucious Has It Out for Lyon Dynasty, Andre Confesses His Sins

Things have taken an interesting turn for Lucious and his family, as if things weren’t hectic already. Episode 5 highlighted just how bad Lucious has it out for Lyon Dynasty and Andre decided to come clean with his family, confessing his sins.

The Voice Season 9 Recap, Review: Final Battle Round Prove Puzzling for Blake, Adam & Pharrell

The Voice's battle rounds for season 9 have come to a close. After four episodes, on Tuesday (Oct. 20), the show's final three battles were aired. And though the choices the coaches have to make are typically easy or obvious ones, these three were a ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Beautiful Battle Rounds Make Hard Coaching Choices

The Voice's season 9 battle rounds continued with its third episode on Monday night (Oct. 19) and just because we're 75 percent of the way through this round, don't think that the momentum was going to slow down.

'Empire' Recap Season 2, Episode 4: Cookie & Lucious Make Amends, Andre Digs Up the Past

Lucious may be out of jail but his legal issues are far from over. In fact, this may just be the tip of the iceberg for the music making mogul. During episode 4 of season 2, Lucious finally decides to make amends with Cookie and Andre digs up the ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Battle Round 2 Features Shocking Cast-Offs, Gwen Flubs

The battle rounds of The Voice season 9 continued on Tuesday night (Oct. 13), and a shortened one-hour broadcast only resulted in three performances broadcasted in full, so the producers decided to go for some juicy ones, and they certainly ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Battle Rounds Begin with Big Performances

The battle rounds of The Voice can always be a little bit hard to swallow. Good singers on good teams go home for seemingly no reason other than order of performance and song choice.

'Empire' Recap Season 2, Episode 3: Lucious Out of Prison & The Battle with Dynasty Is On

With Lucious officially out of prison, it looks like things are about to really heat up for season 2 of Empire. During episode 3, it became obvious that the battle between Empire and Cookie's Lyon Dynasty is officially on.

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Blind Auditions Close with Big Talents, Annoying Coaches

On the fifth (and final) blind audition episode of The Voice, it should always be expected that singers will get placed on odd teams, good singers will be sent home and that the sometimes grating coaches will still be grating. And, here on the final ...

Say What? 8 of the Craziest Quotes from 'Empire' Episode 2 Season 2 [RECAP]

Say what? Empire is known for dropping lines that'll make you clinch your pearls, especially when Cookie is in the scene, and episode 2 of season 2 falls right in line. We've recapped "Without a Country" with 8 of the craziest quotes from the ...

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: Four-Chair Turns, Seasoned Talent and Twins for Episode 4

The Voice's ninth season is already 80 percent of the way through its blind auditions, and the show is clearly looking to shake things up a bit this year by emphasizing that, no, you don't need to be a solo artist to audition. You can even be twins!

'The Voice' Season 9 Recap, Review: An Engagement and the Best Singers Yet Star in Episode 3

How do you top a premiere week for your reality TV show? For The Voice season 9, it's by bringing better talent than the week before and by offering viewers a first - a live engagement on the stage! It was a big, surprising moment when Southern rock ...

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