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2016 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2

Grimes Confuses Fans with Her Views on AI in TikTok

Buzz 21:43PM EDT

On Wednesday, the singer brought to TikTok, a video-based social media platform her thoughts on how A.I could be the "fastest path" to forming a communist society.READ MORE

Shania Twain

Shania Twain Apologizes For Saying She Would’ve Voted For Trump

Buzz 07:14AM EDT

Shania Twain upset her fanbase this week after she stated that she would have voted for Donald Trump if she was eligible to do so. On Sunday, she immediately issued an apology for her controversial statement.READ MORE

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Michael Wolff's 'Fire And Fury' Is Getting A TV Series

Tv/Film 02:17AM EDT

Endeavor Content purchased the film and TV rights of the best-selling non-fiction 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House' for an undisclosed amount. As of this writing, no network has been attached to air the series.READ MORE

Lupus Foundation Of America National Gala

Macy Gray Calls Out Trump, Lax Gun Control in New ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Song [LISTEN]

Buzz 20:33PM EDT

All Macy Gray wants for Christmas is universal health care, marijuana legalization and a real solution for global climate change. In her new holiday song entitled "All I Want for Christmas," the soulful R&B singer-songwriter takes on some of the most pressing social and political issues of our time and while asking Santa for some more love and peace, she calls out the country's lax gun control laws and asks whether Donald Trump is even qualified for the presidential job.READ MORE

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Speaks On Black Artists Taking a Political Stance, References Kanye West [PHOTO]

Buzz 16:22PM EDT

Inside the new issue of "Rolling Stone," due out on newsstands this Friday, Jan. 2, Nicki Minaj speaks out for the first time about the role of black artists in relation to recent events regarding police violence and racial tension. Cutting straight to the core issues surrounding Eric Garner's tragic death, Minaj said that, "It's gotten to the point where people feel like there's no accountability. If you are law enforcement and you do something to a black person, you can get away with it." Minaj also reflects on the silence from other celebrities, such as Kanye West specifically, who received media backlash for discussing racism in the past. She referenced West's comments in 2005 during A Concert for Hurricane Relief. "People say, 'Why aren't black celebrities speaking out more?' But look what happened to Kanye when he spoke out. People told him to apologize to Bush!" she said.READ MORE

Angelina Jolie - December 2012 Vanity Fair Cover

Angelina Jolie Admits That She is Open to a Career in Politics in New 'Vanity Fair' Interview

Off-Key 16:16PM EDT

When Angelina Jolie was first getting flack for stealing Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston, did you ever think that she would end up standing where she is right now? She actually married the man, is a mother of 6 and when she isn't involved in humanitarian work, you'll often catch her behind the camera now directing other talented actors. Not too shabby for a woman who was once better known for her dysfunction than her work choices.READ MORE

Bristol Palin - Getty Images

Audio Tape of Hysterical Bristol Palin Talking to Police on Night of Bloody Alaskan Brawl Creates Media Frenzy

Off-Key 09:28AM EDT

Last month we told you about the party Sarah Palin's family attended in Anchorage, Alaska, that turned into a bloody brawl. In the weeks that followed, some interesting details have leaked out, but nothing has been nearly as interesting as an audio tape TMZ first got its hands on earlier this week. The tape is of Bristol Palin hysterically telling the police her version of what happened. It is a tirade of explicatives with Sarah Palin in the background scolding her daughter for cursing while giving her statement. Bristol's account seems to back up everything we had previously heard about how ugly the drunken fight was.READ MORE

Sarah Palin - Getty Images

Sarah Palin Defends Bristol's Palin's Behavior At Drunken Party Which Lead To Family Brawl

News 16:12PM EDT

Remember a few weeks ago when Sarah Palin's family grabbed headlines because of a fight that broke out during her husband, Todd Palin's birthday party? Attendees of the bash have claimed that police were called after a fight that included about 20 people broke out and that Todd, Bristol and Track Palin were all involved in the physical brawl after someone took a verbal shot at Willow Palin. The family has stayed super quiet about the incident until Sarah took to Facebook to support her family.READ MORE

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