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T-Pain Sings 'I'm Sprung' with No Auto-Tune for Larry King, Reveals He's Working with Luke Bryan [WATCH]

T-Pain proved last month that just because he uses Auto-Tune for so many of his hit songs, it does not mean he has poor vocals. The "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')" rapper recently sat down with Larry King for an episode of "Larry King Now" to talk ...

Watch T-Pain React To Comments About Him Singing Without Auto-Tune

T-Pain recently linked up with NPR for one of their Tiny Desk Concerts and did an acoustic rendition of three of his greatest hits, including "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')," "Up Down (Do This All Day)," and "Drankin' Patna." This set the internet ...

T-Pain Shares New Track "Stoicville" From Upcoming Album [LISTEN]

It was just yesterday that T-Pain shared his new standalone single "Let Me Through" featuring Lil Wayne, but today the singer/rapper has offered us the first taste of his upcoming album Stoicville: The Phoenix in the form of the album's epic title ...

T-Pain Drops the Autotune for New Track 'Let Me Through' Featuring Lil Wayne [LISTEN]

Even though T-Pain recently proved to the world that he can in fact sing without the use of his signature Autotune —and quite well — he drops the singing entirely for his new track “Let Me Through,” which he raps his way through alongside ...

T-Pain Proves He Can Sing Without Auto-Tune In New NPR Tiny Desk Concert Performance [WATCH]

T-Pain ruled the charts in the mid-2000s. His use of Auto-Tune, which gave his voice a futuristic, robotic sound, made his songs instantly recognizable and gave way to a trend that spanned pop, R&B, and hip-hop. He wasn't the first person to use the ...

T-Pain Criticizes Kanye West's Use of Auto-Tune: 'He Doesn't Use It Correctly'

If there is anyone who can be considered an authority on Auto-Tune, it is T-Pain, who basically built his entire career around the notorious pitch-correction software. In an interview with "The Huffington Post," T-Pain explains the way in which he ...

T-Pain Took The Decline Of Auto-Tune Hard: 'I Turned Into A Raging Alcoholic'

TP is the unofficial father of Auto-Tune, so he took it pretty hard when the fad began going by the wayside in the early part of the decade.

8 Duets We Don't Want To Hear: Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, And More

With the upcoming releases of Smokey Robinson's duets album (Smokey & Friends) and a collaborative album between Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett (Cheek To Cheek), it seems like duets have become pretty popular recently. Though Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's ...

Jennifer Lopez, Afrojack, Miranda Lambert, KISS and More Playing Fashion Rocks at Barclays Center

The relationship between fashion and music has only continued to grow in recent years, so it's only appropriate that the Fashion Rocks show occur during Fashion Week in New York City. The show and its impressive lineup will take to the Barclays ...

T-Pain Announces The Drankin Patna Tour [SCHEDULE]

T-Pain is coming to a city near you.

T-Pain & Larry King Get Auto-Tuned on ‘TakePart Live’

On last night's 'TakePart Live', the famed radio/TV host and rapper get auto-tuned while answering what they would do if they were President.

Batiste Brothers Lawsuit: T-Pain, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Cash Money Named In $100M Copyright Case

T-Pain, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and others have been named in a massive $100M copyright infringement case filed by New Orleans jazz legends the Batiste Brothers. The case was filed last week in a Louisiana US District Court...

TECH N9NE: "Something Else" [REVIEW]

Tech N9ne includes his usual spree of emotions into "Something Else," but he speaks from deeper within himself as well.

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