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The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones plan Australian tour, announce Adelaide concert to reopen famous Adelaide Oval

Genres 09:53AM EDT

The Rolling Stones recently completed the "50 & Counting" Tour in the United States, but it seems as if they're not done counting yet. It was announced that the rock group would be heading to Australia during 2014, although only date/location is confirmed for the time being. READ MORE

Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin winners at Classic Rock Awards

Genres 12:58PM EDT

Music awards shows are always hot, and some music just never gets old. Hence the existence of the Classic Rock Awards, we presume. Some of the biggest bands in, well, ever, took home the biggest prizes at the ceremony, which was held Thursday at the O2 Arena in London. READ MORE

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones's London Concerts Will Come to DVD and Blu-ray on 'Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live'

Genres 15:48PM EDT

The Rolling Stones' Hyde Park concert is coming to DVD and Blu-ray, according to a statement made yesterday by the band and Eagle rock Entertainment. The July 6 and 13 show in London will be featured on "Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live."READ MORE

Jay Z and Beyonce

The Best-Selling Labor Day Albums: Beyonce, Jay Z and More

Lists 13:19PM EDT

Labor Day has been the first Monday of September since its founding in 1894. More recently, the music industry has traditionally begun releasing new albums on Tuesdays. Music Times has done its research to celebrate the holiday, and found the five biggest-selling albums from the last 20 years that were released the day after Labor Day.READ MORE

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Capitalized on Vinyl Trend by Offering 12-Inch Records of Daft Punk, The Rolling Stones, and More

Articles 23:12PM EDT

Whole Foods is already the hip place to buy food that's free of cruelty and genetic modification. So the question from a business perspective become, what products does the company try to stock next to appeal to its average customer. The answer seems to be vinyl records. Whole Foods announced this week that it would be stocking a select number of 12-inch LPs in a trial run at five of its California locations. READ MORE

The Eagles To Open at The Newly Remodeled Forum in Los Angeles, Will Play Three Dates in Jan. 2014

Genres 12:50PM EDT

The Forum, a music venue in Los Angeles, has long been an icon in the history of rock 'n' roll touring. After falling on hard times, the venue has been restored and it was announced on Wednesday that The Eagles would play three shows as the first acts to play at the newly remodeled venue. READ MORE

You may finally be able to score Taylor Swift tickets if this lawsuit works out.

Taylor Swift and Carly Simon: Pair Sings 'You're So Vain,' but Who Is Swift Singing About? John Mayer? Harry Styles?

Genres 12:08PM EDT

Taylor Swift brought Carly Simon onstage this weekend to sing the ultimate celebrity breakup song: "You're So Vain." READ MORE

Rolling Stones Tour: Band Releases Hyde Park Show as Live Album on iTunes, Featuring "Paint It, Black" and "Satisfaction"

Genres 15:44PM EDT

More than 65,000 people paid to see The Rolling Stones on each night of their-two weekend stop at Hyde Park in London. But if you were stuck in the United States and couldn't get out to the show, the band is now offering a recorded version of the concert on iTunes. "The Rolling Stones - Hyde Park Live" is available for a $9.99 download price. READ MORE

Rolling Stones Tour UPDATE: Band's First Show at Hyde Park in 44 Years 'No Exercise in Nostalgia'

Genres 13:26PM EDT

The Rolling Stones haven't played London's Hyde Park for nearly 45 years, and the last time the band played there was kind of a big deal, but that doesn't mean fans should expect a historical reenactment of the band's 1969 show, says vocalist Mick Jagger. READ MORE

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