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Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury: Pairing Isn't Only One With Unreleased Recordings, How About Bob Dylan and The Beatles?

Genres 16:19PM EDT

The eyes of pop music fans grew wide when it was announced this week that nearly six hours of recordings featuring both Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury would be released soon. NME provided a list of other big-name compilations that haven't seen the light in an official release yet. Some are good ideas, some are bad ideas, and we, over-opinionated aggregation journalists, have decided to let you know which is which. READ MORE

Led Zeppelin Tour: Maybe Not, But John Bonham May Be Joining Son Onstage Soon

Genres 12:43PM EDT

Jason Bonham hopes to make a hologram version of father and Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham so the two can jam together onstage. READ MORE

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