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Bethany Mota Built an Empire by Focusing on Fans Rather Than Potential Fame

Bethany Mota's life is pretty incredible right now. The 19-year old first took to YouTube about five years ago with a series of style videos and DIY projects that inspired a nation of tween girls. Flash-forward a few years and Mota is now one of the ...

YouTube Reaches Agreement with Indie Labels For New Streaming Service [WATCH]

YouTube has officially launched its long-awaited music streaming service, which has been rumored for more than a year now. They also ended their months-long dispute and signed a licensing deal with independent record companies. The deal was closed ...

'Ghostbusters' Versus 'Mythbusters' In New 'Epic Rap Battles of History' [WATCH]

The good people behind one of YouTube's biggest series, Epic Rap Battles of History, are back with a new new season. In the first episode, the cast of the Ghostbusters takes on Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of the Discovery Channel favorite ...

Adele's Manager Is Pro-Spotify: 'Streaming Is the Future'

Adele's manager Jonathan Dickins is a music industry power mover who also represents Jack Penate, Jamie T, London Grammar and Paul Epworth, among others. The 42-year-old Brit recently shared his thoughts on Spotify and other streaming services in ...

YouTube CEO Says Streaming Service Will Hopefully Launch 'Soon'

YouTube's hotly anticipated streaming music service does not have a definite release date, according to company CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Ty Dolla $ign Responds To YouTube Comments On His 'Or Nah' Video, Praises The Weeknd And Preps New Album [WATCH]

Ever left a comment on one of your favorite, or not so favorite, artists' videos and wondered how they'd respond? Well, the folks over at NOISEY sat Ty Dolla $ign to read the comments left on his "Or Nah" video and he came up with some pretty ...

WATCH: Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Nick Mason Discuss ‘The Endless River’ In New YouTube VIDEO

Adding to all of the hype Pink Floyd’s upcoming album, The Endless River, is earning, the remaining members of the band – David Gilmour and Nick Mason – have just released the below video to their YouTube page detailing their experiences on the ...

Should We Thank YouTube For The Resurgence Of Comedy Music? Weird Al & Zach Sherwin Weigh In: The Lonely Island, Reggie Watts, Epic Rap Battles Of History, And More

At some point in the comedy and music industries, the idea of fusing the two – and thus creating “comedy music” – became, sorry to say, laughable. Much too often, comedians would squirm at the very notion of one of their own bringing music ...

Head of YouTube Music Steps Down, Google Scrambles To Launch Pay Subscription Service

The head of YouTube Music recently stepped down further prolonging Google's plan to launch pay-subscription service.

Honda Joins the Music Business, Launches YouTube Music Channel ‘Honda Stage’

Honda is getting into the music business and starting up their own YouTube channel: "Honda Stage."

How Did Child Singers Angelina Jordan, Amira Willighagen, Jackie Evancho Learn to Sing Like Adults? By Studying at "YouTube University"

Before YouTube, it was unlikely that a nine-year-old would teach herself to sing opera, or a young Norwegian girl would learn to croon a jazz standard like Billie Holiday. But YouTube has become a repository for music of all styles and ethnicities, ...

Ylvis' 'The Fox' tops YouTube's trending video of 2013 list: Psy, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry own music video list [WATCH]

So, what does the fox say? In 2013, it seems like the answer is "massive viral success." YouTube announced its top trending videos of 2013, and Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis topped everything off with their ridiculous hit single, "The Fox."

INDMUSIC & TuneCore team up to make musicians money on YouTube

INDMUSIC and digital music distributor TuneCore have teamed up to make musicians money on YouTube.

YouTube Music Awards Recap

There's something raw and real about a YouTube video that you don't see on a music video traditionally fit for television. In line with this spirit, the YouTube Music Awards were not what you would expect to see on the real tube. Actor and musician ...

YouTube To Lauch On-Demand Subscription Service This Year

Plans for a new YouTube subscription service are in the works, according to Billboard. Although YouTube has not yet officially confirmed these plans, the Internet video giant has said it hopes to a release a product this year.

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