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NSA Ties Pharrell Williams to "Revenge-Driven" Plot to Drench Nickelodeon Headquarters in Slime

The NSA has detained "Happy" songwriter Pharrell Williams, alleging that the performer/producer was behind a massive plot to douse the entirety of Nickelodeon Studios with thousands of gallons of slime.

'The Voice' Season 8 Recap & Review: Knockout Rounds Wrap Up with Weird Matches & Nate Ruess as Taylor Swift

Well, this was it. Tonight (March 30), the Knockout rounds of The Voice came to an end. With the final dose of help from Nate Ruess of fun., Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell and Blake Shelton all rounded out their teams by making a bunch of ...

'Entourage' Movie Trailer Confirms Calvin Harris, Pharrell, T.I. Have Roles in Film [WATCH]

The highly anticipated Entourage Movie has unveiled its official trailer for the film that will hit theaters on June 5. Besides getting a better idea of the drama between Ari Gold, Turtle, Johnny Drama and Vincent Chase, the film reveals the ...

'The Voice' Season 8 Recap & Review: Knockout Rounds Continue with Nate Ruess as Coaches Make Weird Calls

The knockout rounds on The Voice season eight went on for the second night tonight (March 24) with the help of Nate Ruess, and it's starting to become clear just how unfair this show set up actually is.

'The Voice' Season 8 Recap & Review: Knockout Rounds Show Contestants' Personality as Nate Ruess Helps

The always dreaded battle rounds of The Voice season eight are over, and now we've moved on to the knockouts. This is where the solo artists on each coach's team (Christina Aguilera, Pharrell, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine) get to shine, both through ...

T.I. Talks 'Blurred Lines' Verdict: Rapper Denies Stealing from Artists in His Career

There will continue to be fallout from the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit in the coming months, but T.I. doesn't seem too worried about it. The rapper, who contributed a verse to the tune, may be held accountable for infringing on Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give ...

John Legend on Robin Thicke 'Blurred Lines' Verdict: 'Slippery Slope'

John Legend recently expressed concern during the SXSW festival over the precedent the "Blurred Lines" verdict may cause for musicians in the future. He fears the verdict will lead to a "slippery slope."

Marvin Gaye Record Sales, "Got To Give It Up (Pt. 1)" Downloads Up Post-Robin Thicke Lawsuit Verdict

Music Times pointed out late last week, as part of our Back of The Billboards segment, that Marvin Gaye's greatest hits compilation Number 1s had probably received a healthy boost in sales thanks to the soul singer's prominence in music headlines in ...

Bill Murray's Jimmy Kimmel SXSW Interview Covers 'Blurred Lines,' Rick Ross Collaboration & More [WATCH]

During the Jimmy Kimmel Live takeover of Austin's SXSW, Bill Murray stopped by the show to show off his new red dress and talk about the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit verdict and Rick Ross.

Pharrell "Happy" to Celebrate International Day of Happiness at Empire State Building [WATCH]

Pharrell Williams excited many around the world when he released his popular hit "Happy" off his 2014 album 'G I R L.' In light of his upbeat, feel-good tune, Williams was asked to speak at the United Nations General Assembly Friday, March 20, and ...

Marvin Gaye Wins on Billboards as Well after 'Blurred Lines' Suit, as 2007 Greatest Hits Album Charts for First Time

Society always celebrates the records that top the Billboard 200 album chart. Back of The Billboards is a Music Times weekly segment that looks at the opposite end: the new record that finished closest to the back of the Billboard 200 for the ...

Pharrell Calls 'Blurred Lines' Verdict a "Handicap" to Musicians, Designers & Artists

For the first time since a jury ruled against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke in the now infamous "Blurred Lines" lawsuit brought by Marvin Gaye's family, the mega-producer himself is speaking out. In a new statement, Pharrell is deriding the ...

Pharrell Williams to Receive CFDA Fashion Icon Award Following "Blurred Lines" Verdict

Pharrell Williams has been catching flak from the music world following the controversial "Blurred Lines" verdict, but he is receiving praise from fashionistas. This summer, Williams is set to receive the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.

Marvin Gaye's Family Issues Open Letter on 'Blurred Lines' Verdict, Won't Seek Legal Action Against Pharrell's "Happy"

Marvin Gaye's family shared an open letter yesterday, March 18, regarding the recent verdict in the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit. A jury ruled that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams owed the family $7.4 million because the pair's hit copied Gaye's 1977 ...

Snoop Dogg Psychedlic 'Peaches N Cream' Official Video [WATCH]

Snoop Dogg had a guest appearance on Fox hit Empire tonight, performing his track "Peaches N Cream." If fans didn't get enough of the west coast rapper's performance on the hip-hop drama, Snoop Dogg released his new psychedelic video featuring ...

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