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Rivers Cuomo Admits 'Undone' Riff Is A Rip-Off of Metallica's 'Sanitarium (Welcome Home)'

Color us surprised: Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo told Rolling Stone that the opening riff to his band's classic track "Undone" (better known to some as the "Sweater Song") is a total rip-off of Metallica's "Sanitarium (Welcome Home)."

Weezer Announces New Album Title 'Everything Will Be Alright In The End', with Ric Ocasek as Producer

It's finally happening. After a series of mysterious videos as a part of its Weezer Wednesdays series, today (June 12), the nerdy alt-rock band announced the title of its ninth studio album... introducing Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Target Metallica's Lars Ulrich for Another Drum-Off

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith have chosen a target for their next drum-off: Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

Weezer Teases 'Hash Pipe'-y New Song 'Ain't Got Nobody,' And It's Surprisingly Awesome

Weezer is revving its engine, turning the key and driving off to new music land. Yesterday (June 4) as a part of the band's Weezer Wednesday series, the legendary alt-rock outfit unviled roughly 40 seconds of a new song, "Ain't Got Nobody," fueling ...

7 Artists With Multiple Self-Titled Albums: Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and more

Self-titled debut albums are pretty common in the music business, though these days it seems like artists are choosing to release their self-titled albums a little bit later in their careers (see: Beyonce, St. Vincent). However, some artists have ...

6 Artists Who Switched Over to Indie Labels: Weezer, Neil Young, And More

A common career trajectory for a musician is to sign with an independent label, and if they're lucky enough, they'll catch the attention of a major label and get signed a lucrative deal. However, some artists don't find the major label life to be ...

7 Album Covers That Are Homages to Other Albums: The Clash, Weezer, and more

Musicians steal from each other all the times, whether it comes to lyrics, riffs, fashion, or in this case, album covers. Here are seven album covers that are homages (or rip-offs) to other albums.

10 bands scheduled to play their essential albums in full at Riot Fest

It's been announced that 10 bands scheduled to play at Riot Fest 2014 will perform their essential albums in full!

8 Bands to Check Out If You Love 'The Blue Album': The Promise Ring, the Apples in Stereo, and more

Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Weezer's debut album, known as "The Blue Album" by pretty much everybody, and it remains Weezer's most successful and best-loved album. If you've heard "The Blue Album" and love it as much as I do ...

MySpace ranks Weezer's discography... Music Times compares notes with its six favorite Weezer songs [AUDIO]

So, it's inevitable that some publication out there was bound to rank (nearly) every song in the Weezer discography. It's not us here at Music Times... it was done over at MySpace. Now, we're comparing notes. Six Music Times writers wrote about their ...

6 Artists Whose Best Album Didn't Sell Well: The Beach Boys, Kanye West, and more

If a musician is lucky enough to reach a wide audience, the best they can hope for is that their fans support them through any whims of experimentation and artistic growth. This worked great for the Beatles and Radiohead, but there are plenty of ...

Rolling Stone ranks best rock albums of 1994: Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Neil Young, more

Rolling Stone ranked the Top 40 rock albums of 1994, which it named "mainstream alternative's greatest year."

Seven Albums Hated by the People Who Made Them: R.E.M., the Beatles, and more

Musicians have a very unusual relationship with the songs they write. Just like an actor doesn't sit around watching his or her own movies all day (hopefully), a musician doesn't listen to their own albums very often, for various reasons. They could ...

6 Classic Albums That Deserve Documentaries: Weezer, the Strokes and more

Some of my favorite types of films to watch are music documentaries, and with the premiere of Time is Illmatic, a film about the classic Nas LP Illmatic (in my opinion, the greatest rap album ever made), I started thinking about what other incredible ...

Weezer records Voice-o-Graph version of 'Susanne' at Third Man Records [WATCH]

Jack White and Neil Young aren't the only ones putting Third Man's Record Booth to work. Over the weekend, Weezer played a pair of shows in Nashville. While they were in town, they stopped by Third Man to record a 1947 Voice-o-Graph version of ...

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