James Bay

James Bay performs "Chew on My Heart" on The Today Show [WATCH]

Buzz 21:30PM EDT

James Bay appears on The Today Show, and debuts "Chew On My Heart." Watch the interview here.READ MORE

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato talked about body image and addiction in a new interview

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In an interview with Bustle, Lovato told her story and experience about maintaining body image.READ MORE

Rich Homie Quan, Jack Thriller Co-Signs Warren Wint's 'They Talkin' VIDEO [INTERVIEW]

Warren Wint on 'They Talkin' Video With Rich Homie Quan and Jack Thriller [Interview]

Exclusives 16:42PM EDT

Former BET 106 & Park hype man and rapper, Warren Wint opens up to Music Times exclusively about his new music video "They Talkin'" which features comedian, Jack Thriller and "Type of Way" rap star, Rich Homie Quan.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian - Twitter

Is Kris Jenner Lying About Not Being Contacted by ABC for Bruce Jenner Interview?

Off-Key 17:01PM EDT

Is there anyone out there that hasn't seen at least a portion of Bruce Jenner's exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer that aired last Friday night on ABC? Even if you didn't actually make time to watch the entire two hour special, you have no doubt seen clips of it somewhere by now. It was in that interview that Jenner confirmed that all of the speculation about his gender issues are justified and that he is for all intents and purposes, a woman that has spent 60-plus years in the wrong body. When the network turned to all three of Jenner's ex-wives for comments, only Kris declined to speak on the record, according to ABC.READ MORE

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks - Getty Images

Has 'RHOA' Phaedra Parks Changed Her Mind About Divorcing Apollo Nida?

Off-Key 09:47AM EDT

Phaedra Parks's divorce from Apollo Nida has been a major storyline on the currently airing season of 'RHOA,' with fans being able to see firsthand just how scary his behavior was before reporting to jail last fall. All the while, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta's' Parks has really remained a class act in how she has handled things. She has discussed how the end of her marriage has felt like the "death of a dream" and how she ultimately believes that Nida conned her for years. After so many truly upsetting developments, you would think Parks would be racing to finalize her divorce, but just the opposite seems to be true.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner Hires His Own Publicist Ahead of His Debut as a Woman

Off-Key 15:06PM EDT

Once Bruce Jenner finally decided to begin living the life that he has always wanted for himself the changes were certainly not going to be limited to just his appearance. While all of the focus has been on his physical transformation over the last year, Jenner has also had the overwhelming task of separating himself from the money-making machine that is the Kardashians. While Jenner was famous and worth a mint long before he ever met Kris Jenner, they became a brand and it's one that the Olympic champion is now taking huge steps to distance himself from her.READ MORE

Bruce and Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Believes That Bruce Jenner's Transition Is To Spite Her

Off-Key 12:53PM EDT

Not only has it been finally confirmed that Bruce Jenner's 2-hour interview with Diane Sawyer will air on April 24, but a promo has also been released for the exclusive chat. While the whole clip is done in silhouette, it's pretty clear that Jenner's transformation into a woman will be visibly apparent and no one is less happy with this situation than his ex, Kris Jenner. It has been reported that rather than believing that the man that she spent two decades with really wants to live his life as a woman, Kris thinks this is all happening just to spite and embarrass her.READ MORE

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Remixes Beyonce's 'Jealous' Following Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran's Iyanla Vanzant Interview [LISTEN]

Buzz 23:32PM EDT

Now that Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are no longer an item, Breezy is speaking his piece on a remix to Beyonce's "Jealous." Brown's ex-girlfriend recently opened up about their relationship during an interview with Iyanla Vanzant.READ MORE

Salma Hayek - Getty Images

Salma Hayek Now Defines Herself as a Feminist

Off-Key 17:09PM EDT

Salma Hayek raised eyebrows last fall when, while being honored as a women's rights advocate, she told a reporter that she was not a feminist. Her platform back then seemed to be a little twisted by the press because what she meant was that she was for equality and would support men's rights just as strongly as she does women's rights. Hayek recently sat for a brand new interview and in it, she reconsidered what feminism actually means to her.READ MORE

Shailene Woodley - Glamour UK

Shailene Woodley Loves Nudity But Refused to Even Consider Doing 'Fifty Shades'

Off-Key 10:03AM EDT

A few years ago Shailene Woodley's name was one of the many being mentioned as a possible candidate to play Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. She quickly shot down the idea, not because she has an issue with nudity, but because she had just landed the Divergent series and the schedules would have collided. Woodley is now covering the April 2015 issue of Glamour UK and had no problem posing topless for a photo that accompanies her interview.READ MORE

Kristen Stewart - March 2015 Interview

Kristen Stewart May Seem Miserable, But She's 'Endlessly Proud' of Her 'Twilight' Success

Off-Key 09:40AM EDT

For the most part, Kristen Stewart really seems to fly below the radar. After her high-profile romance with Robert Pattinson crashed and burned a few years ago, Stewart opted to try and live a more private life. Her interviews often seem to indicate that she is conflicted about the fame in connection with the 'Twilight' franchise, which has carved out a her cushy lifestyle. At times Stewart has even appeared miserable and to be pretty ungrateful for the fans who have launched her career. In a new interview, the starlet seems a bit more gracious but typically uncomfortable, saying she is "endlessly proud" of her 'Twilight' success.READ MORE

Bruce Jenner - Getty Images

Bruce Jenner's Transition Is on Hold for Now While He Deals With Fallout From Fatal Crash

Off-Key 10:32AM EDT

This time last week the media was going crazy over the anticipation of Bruce Jenner's transition. It has slowly but surely been happening in front of our eyes for the last year, but with confirmation that he is indeed embracing life as a woman, it suddenly seemed more real. The writing was clearly on the wall once Jenner had a laryngeal shave done last spring, but still there were many doubters who still thought it might all just be wild rumors. Now, thanks to that deadly crash on the Pacific Coast Highway last weekend and its fallout, Jenner's whole life has been turned upside down and his transformation is reportedly on hold.READ MORE

President Obama - Getty Images

President Obama Tells Parents to Vaccinate Their Children

Off-Key 12:32PM EDT

There are currently 100 cases of measles in the United States, and there is growing concern that this number could rise significantly. Some parents believe childhood vaccines are closely linked to autism and other conditions, so they have opted against immunizing their children, but the reality is that these kids then run the risk of spreading measles to infants who are too young to be immunized. When President Barack Obama sat down for his pre-Super Bowl chat with "Today" co-host Savannah Guthrie, immunizations was a topic he was eager to address.READ MORE

Savannah Guthrie - Getty Images

Savannah Guthrie Will Interview President Obama for Super Bowl Pre-Game, Inks New 'Today' 3-Year Contract

Off-Key 10:37AM EDT

Life is pretty good for "Today's" Savannah Guthrie right now. Her first wedding anniversary is right around the corner, she has a 5-month-old daughter at home to keep her on her toes and then there is that morning show gig. Guthrie returned to her co-anchor seat last November and NBC's powers-that-be think she is doing a great job because not only has she inked a new, three-year contract, but they have assigned her to interview President Obama during the Super Bowl pre-game show.READ MORE

Jamie Dornan - Variety

Jamie Dornan Isn't Sure What to Expect Once 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Hits Theaters

Off-Key 10:19AM EDT

Jamie Dornan might be on the verge of something really huge, and he is the first to admit that even he does not know what to expect once "Fifty Shades of Grey" finally premieres in theaters. The actor is covering the latest issue of "Variety" and discloses a bunch of interesting little nuggets for fans. Like the fact that he actually met with Robert Pattinson to discuss what it is like to star in what could become a huge franchise. Dornan said the two ended up getting drunk together and bonded that way.READ MORE

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