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Carrie Underwood Gives First TV Interview Since ‘Freak Accident’

Carrie Underwood opened up about her accident in her home last year and her eventual recovery during her first television interview this year. The country singer already released the first single from her next album 'Cry Pretty.'

Kanye West Reveals Seeing Every ‘Rick And Morty’ Episode At Least 5 Times

Kanye West just revealed that he is a huge fan of 'Rick and Morty.' The Cartoon Network series renewed for a 70-episode fourth season on Thursday, May 10.

Spotify Announces New Hate Content, Conduct Policy, Removes R. Kelly From Official Playlists

Spotify announced its new policy that bars hateful content that expresses or incites violence against a person or group because of race, gender, or religion. The streaming service also took a stand against R. Kelly.

Katy Perry ‘Very Relieved’ Taylor Swift Accepted Her Peace Offering

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift set aside their differences and patched things up. The 'American Idol' judge was the first one who reached out to the 'Bad Blood' singer.

Meek Mill Confirms Beef With Drake Is Over: ‘We Moved Past That’

Meek Mill just revealed that he is no longer feuding with Drake. The rapper just got out of prison last month, and in an interview, he talked about Drake, Nicki Minaj, and others this week.

LISTEN: Bastille Releases Snappy New Single ‘Quarter Past Midnight’

Bastille released a new single that will be included in the band's third album. In a press release, frontman Dan Smith explained the meaning behind 'Quarter Past Midnight.'

Chris Brown Accused Of Rape, Hiding Guns From Police

An unnamed woman accused Chris Brown and two of his friends of rape and sexual battery on Wednesday. The victim alleged that the assault happened in his home back in February 2017.

'This Is America’ Producer Shares New Details About Childish Gambino’s New Hit Music Video

The man behind the music video for 'This Is America' spoke about the hidden references and political message of the music video released this weekend. The track has already crossed 60 million streams on YouTube.

University VP Complains About Rap Music In Campus Coffee Shop, Gets Two Baristas Fired

Two coffee shop employees were fired after a university executive was 'offended' by the expletives in Young Dolph's 'Get Paid.' The internet has criticized Larry Moneta for pressuring the employees to resign.

Rapper Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Dispute Against Gynecologist Dr. Drai

Dr. Dre lost the years-long legal battle against the gynecologist Dr. Drai over their shared name. The USPTO said that the rapper and music producer failed to provide enough evidence that their shared name creates confusion,

Jaden Smith Attends 2018 Met Gala With Golden Disc For ‘Icon’

Jaden Smith announced that his single 'Icon' has received a gold certification from the RIAA by bringing his award on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2018. He also performed the track during Rihanna's after-party.

Jay-Z, Eminem Sue The Weinstein Company For Unpaid Music Use Worth Over $800K

Jay-Z and Eminem joined Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, and more in opposing the buyout of The Weinstein Company. The rappers claimed that the movie studio still owes them a significant amount from previous projects.

Sanaa Lathan Opens Up About Rumors She Bit Beyoncé: ‘It’s So Bizarre’

Sanaa Lathan has responded to the reports that she bit Beyoncé at a party for Jay-Z last year. The actress continued to deny the story, calling it 'absurd.'

Calvin Harris Reportedly Involved In Beverly Hills Car Crash

Calvin Harris and girlfriend Aarika Wolf were involved in a major vehicular accident this weekend that wreck their Range Rover and injured two girls. According to reports, Wolf was driving when they hit a Honda in a residential area.

Katy Perry, Taylor Swift End Long-Standing Feud With Literal Olive Branch

Katy Perry finally ended her years-long feud with fellow pop star Taylor Swift on Tuesday by sending an olive branch. The two have been publicly shading each other and have even released diss songs that discussed the drama.

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