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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the Grinch in College Humor 'You're A Mean One, Mr. Trump' Parody Song

Following a GOP primary debate this week, Donald Trump remains the lead candidate in the Republican party in a campaign full of controversial and dangerous rhetoric, causing College Humor to take a shot at him with a new video comparing him to the ...

#WeAreAllMuslim Michael Moore Responds To Controversy over Trump's Comments With Pledge

Michael Moore penned an impassioned plea to all Americans to stand in unity with Muslims, minorities, and any oppressed peoples in the world.

GOP Debate Highlights: Who Were the Winners and the Losers?

Tuesday night's debate was an illuminating example of which candidates will be most viable in the general election, and will go on to win the Republican nomination. Jeb Bush increased his standings, while many candidate's reinforced preexisting ...

Donald Trump Called a "Loser" by Former Scottish First Minister After Windfarm Plea is Nixed

Donald Trump has long been pressing Scottish authorities to dissallow the construction of a windfarm within the vantage point of a golf course and resort on one of the country's most beautiful landscape. Today, five British judges decreed that those ...

Who Is Really Vying For the Republican Nomination, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio?

While Donald Trump leads in nearly every poll of possible Republican poll, and Jeb Bush was generally considered the establishment favorite, it now appears that the two most viable contenders for the Republican nomination are Ted Cruz and Marco ...

Donald Trump Can Add Yet Another Group of People That "Love Him:" Neo-Nazis

An attendee of a Donald Trump rally was removed for yelling "Sieg heil!" the popular Nazi salute. This occurred in response to a Black Lives Matter protest.

Nicki Minaj Discusses Meek Mill Engagement Rumors, Donald Trump, U.S. Drug War

Nicki Minaj has had quite the year. Between her massively successful Pinkprint Tour and her handful of Grammy nominations, it's fair to say the "Anaconda" rapper is at the top of her game. As her triumphant year comes to an end, Nicki sat down with ...

Hillary Clinton Details Plan to Overhaul the United States Tax Code

Hillary Clinton has not been in the news much lately, largely due to the inflammatory comments of her current chief Republican rival Donald Trump grabbing attention. ...

Donald Trump and the Attack of the Bald Eagle that Almost Took his Hair [WATCH]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took part in a photoshoot for Time that included a pretty bold prop - a bald eagle that was not shy about flapping his wings, disturbing the peace and attacking his hair.

Russell Simmons Writes Open Letter Donald Trump: "Stop the Bullsh*t"

Like many, Russell Simmons is offended by Donald Trump's politics and has written an open letter to the Republican candidate where he pleads with him to "stop the bullsh*t." The hip-hop mogul additionally cites that Trump has been an "amazing friend" ...

Donald Trump Refuses to Back Down on Barring Muslim Immigrants Comments

Donald Trump says he stands by his comment that the United States should bar all Muslim immigrants for a period of time.

Noam Chomsky says Republican Party is a "Radical Insurgency"

Noam Chomsky says the Republicans are no longer a viable American political party, but rather a "radical insurgency."

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, Says He Will Pay to Send Donald Trump to Space

Jeff Bezos criticized Donald Trump for his comments regarding the barring of Muslim immigrants to the U.S. In response, Bezos offered Trump a seat on a rocket ship to space.

Donald Trump Has Called for the United States to Bar all Muslims From Entering the Country

Donald Trump said in a statement that Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate to the United States for a certain amount of time.

Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Talks Donald Trump, Kanye West's VMA Speech and Killing Baby Hitler

In a recent interview, Flaming Lips frontman and Miley Cyrus collaborator Wayne Coyne talked about the year of 2015 -- touching on topics including Kanye West's VMA speech, Donald Trump's 2016 presidential bid and the killing baby Hitler Twitter ...

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