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Donald Trump

Miley Cyrus: If Donald Trump Wins Presidency, I'm Moving Out of the Country

Donald Trump may have won over enough voters to become the republican frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election, but there's one person who will never vote for him: Miley Cyrus. On Tuesday night (March 1) as the business mogul picked up seven ...

Talking Heads' David Byrne Criticizes Donald Trump in Website's Latest Newsletter

After Donald Trump's recent victory in the New Hampshire primaries alongside Bernie Sanders, Talking Heads' David Byrne has taken to the web to pen a lengthy essay as part of his website's latest newsletter, criticizing the candidate and his unlikely ...

Flea Still Doesn't Like Donald Trump and Calls Him a "Blustering Guy"

Flea has always been outspoken, but takes his opinions on Donald Trump to a new level in a new interview, calling the Republican candidate a “blustering guy” and making it clear he still doesn't like Trump. ...

Kid Rock Supports Donald Trump in 2016 Presidential Race, Of Course

You probably saw this coming, especially since he supported Mitt Romney in the previous Presidential race, but Kid Rock is officially standing behind real-estate mogul and reality TV celebrity Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign to reach the White ...

Adele Tells Donald Trump To Stop Using Her Music For Campaign

Donald Trump has pissed off a lot of people and now he can add a world-famous pop star to that ever-growing list. The republican presidential candidate has been using some of Adele's music at his campaign events recently, notably "Rolling in the ...

Azealia Banks Supports Donald Trump's Bid For President, Calls America 'Sh*t' and 'Evil'

As the Iowa Caucus is underway, Azealia Banks took to Twitter early Monday morning (Feb. 1) to throw her support behind presidential hopeful Donald Trump. In a series of tweets, the "212" emcee and Harlem native stated her case as to why she felt ...

Ice Cube Talks David Bowie, the Police and Donald Trump in New Interview

Ice Cube has never been afraid of being political, and in a new interview the N.W.A. rapper revisted those roots, talking about everything from David Bowie to the police and Donald Trump.

What is it Like to Live in Iowa in the Weeks Before this Year's Controversial Caucuses?

Some may wonder how profoundly the lives of Iowans are changed in the months and weeks that lead up to the nation's first presidential nomination contest. As it turns out, this political process is difficut to tune out.

Donald Trump Says He's Skipping GOP Debate on Fox Due to Megyn Kelly's Presence

Donald Trump says he is boycotting the Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News on Thursday because it will be moderated by anchor Megyn Kelly.

Republican Leaders are Scrambling to Find an Alternative to Trump or Cruz

As more mainstream, establishment candidates continue to undermine each other's success through attack ads, the GOP leadership is growing increasingly concerned that the nomination will go to Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz.

Wiz Khalifa Talks Politics, the Oscars Being Black & Marijuana at Winterfest 2016

Wiz Khalifa clearly doesn't follow politics in a new interview from Winterfest 2016. He also knows what it is to "come up out of the struggle" in an urban community. In the chat, the eccentric Khalifa talks about politics, the Oscars, being a black ...

Chingy Explains Donald Trump Endorsement Tweet in New Interview

The internet exploded over a surprise supposed Trump endorser recently, and that was none other than Chingy. He was trending on Twitter this past Friday (Jan. 22) when he supposedly endorsed the Donald on the social media platform, tweeting, “I ...

Graham Nash Supports Sanders and Clinton, Says Donald Trump Plays on People's Fears

Graham Nash created some of the most poignant political protest songs of the 60s and 70s and seen some crazy elections, but from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, he says this is the strangest.

Chingy's Donald Trump Endorsement Sparks Twitter Debate, Prompts Apology Video

On Friday (Jan. 22), Chingy became a trending topic on Twitter after sending out tweets endorsing Republican candidate Donald Trump. In his tweets, the St. Louis rapper said that he believes Trump could run the country. As expected, the social media ...

Donald Trump’s Dad Was Woody Guthrie’s Racist Landlord, Subject of Unrecorded Songs

By the time Woody Guthrie signed his name to lease an apartment in one of Fred Trump's Brooklyn buildings in December 1950, he had already written and recorded many of his most famous condemnations of inequality and racism as well as his alternative ...

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