May 27, 2018 / 1:54 PM

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Ed Sheeran Not Doing A Pop Album After ‘Divide’ To ‘Control His Fall’

Ed Sheeran recently said that he has no intentions to release an album that's similar to 'Divide.' The singer's upcoming songs will not be classified as pop music.

Rick Ross Visits 'Good Morning America,' Talks 85-Pound Weight Loss with Sara Haines [WATCH]

Rick Ross decided to pay a visit to the folks at Good Morning America and while there, he dished on his 85-pound weight loss with Sara Haines.

Richard Simmons Reportedly in Hiding While Suffering from Severe Depression and Physical Ailments

Have you noticed that Richard Simmons seems to have dropped off the radar? Think about it: The fitness guru usually turns up in support of some charity event in his tank top and short-shorts and we are all momentarily amused. Then there are the ...

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